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I have 2 different Brown Lines.....

The 1st line is the most frustrating,

Linney Brown b. bet 1755-1759 in or Near Orange County, Virginia, she married John Morris 21 Sep 1775 in St. Thomas Parish, Orange County, Va she d. Oct 1829 in Boone County, Kentucky.

I am looking for Brown Families in Orange County who lived in St. Thomas Parish, so far it has been like finding a needle in a haystack.

The 2nd Line is Frustrating also but I do have a little more info and I am trying to find a Male Brown from this line to Participate in the Brown Family DNA Project.

Uriah Brown b. 05 Dec 1787 in New Jersey d. 02 Jan 1827 Mendham, Morris, New Jersey. He married Nancy Anne Upson on 01 May 1813 in Mendham, Morris, NJ

They had 4 sons:

William Upson Brown b. 07 Mar 1814 in Morris County, NJ married Temperence Douglass in May 1837 in Ohio and d. 14 Jul 1894 in Marshall County, Indiana

Henry Halsey Brown b. 23 May 1816 in Morris County, NJ married Margaret Jane Wilson 29 May 1849 and d. 05 Mar 1850 in Huntington County, Indiana

Thomas Bronson Brown b. 11 Jul 1818 Morris County, NJ d. 23 Aug 1866 in Ohio

Ashbel Munson Brown b. 24 Jun 1824 Morris County, NJ married Julia Sheaks 24 Mar 1866 in Marshall County, In d. 22 Feb 1877 in Marshall County, In

I Descend from William Upson Brown thru his Daughter Mary Jane Brown but he had sons that had sons and I am hoping to find a Descendant of one of his sons? The other brother that had sons that may have male descendants is Ashbel Munson Brown.

Any help is Appreciated !!

Thank You

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