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I am seeking further information on Clement Briggs of Plymouth Massachusetts. A little history of the man:

Abt. 1616 he lived on "Barmundsey streete" in Southwark, London, England with Mr Samuell Lathame working a a felsmonger (tanner). He arrived in Plymouth colony on 9 November 1621 in the ship "Fortune" from London. Granted land in Plymouth colony in 1623 and took part in the division of cattle 1627. 1 March 1631 he married Joan Allen, Thomas Stoughton was fined for performing the marriage. He is mentioned as being in court many times, as well as numerous land transactions. He died between 23 Dec 1648, when his will was made, and 23 February 1649 when his estate was inventoried.

I have been looking for more information about Clement in England. I have no idea when or where he was born. Have any of you ever looked into this man?

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Hello John.
I just joined genealogywise and your post was one of the first I saw.
My name is Molly Carson nee Briggs and Clement Briggs is my 8th Great Grandfather who did arrive in Plymouth Colony on the Fortune which was the next ship after the Mayflower. I don't have much information about his life in England. I do know his father's name was John b.1557 in Lancashire, England ~ Are you related to Clement too?
Glad to see your post.
Do you know which parish in Lancashire his father John was located in so I may look through the parish records. There are 211 parishes in Lancashire and it would help to narrow it down a bit.
Hi john, as she said before, clement came across in 1621 on the fortune, where he had his kids in plymouth mass. i am from remember's generations...his sons joseph had a son name edward, who had a son name jonathan,who had a son name joseph, who had my great great great grandfather.

The briggs name changes from Briggs to Bregg in the 17-1800's the american side and canadian side both became breggs after joseph briggs. joseph changed his name to bregg when he came to ontario and discovered meaford ont canada
Well, I am related to Clement throught his daughter Joan who married Peter Tallman. Now as for the father of Clement, where did you get your information at. I would love to see it.
if you type in clement briggs on google there is an ancestry report of john briggs and rachel marten being clements father. i have up to 1500's of the briggs family,
I am having a hard time finding the page you are speaking of. Could you provide a link.

John, even though the parentage of Clement Briggs is accepted online within several family trees in as being John Bigge and Rachel Marten (or Martin), I don't trust that data. My reasons:

- John and Rachel were based in Cranbrook, Tenterden and Lydd, all in the county of Kent. This is almost 200 miles from Clement's (unverified) birthplace of Weymouth, Dorset.

- John was a clothier and Clement was a felsmonger. Families usually were in the same sort of profession. Would have made more sense if Clement had been a weaver, rather than a tanner. 

- John was seemingly well-to-do, leaving some fine furnishings and silver objects in his will, being generous to the paupers of the town and his servants, leaving them money as well. Descriptions of Clement have me think he wasn't making it financially in Southwark, and went to 'the new world' to try to make more money there. In other words, I don't think he came from a wealthy, generous family.

- John and Rachel had 11 children. Nothing in "English Origins of New England Families, Vol. I (Bates, Bigge, Hyland and Stedman section)" has "Clement" listed among those 11 names.

- John died in England around 1605, and in 1635 Rachel, their daughter Patience and her son Hopewell emigrated to Dorchester, Massachusetts and settled in Roxbury, the same place John and Rachel's daughter Elizabeth and family emigrated the year before. Clement did live in Dorchester, but by 1633 he'd moved further away from Roxbury.

I am Clement's 8th great granddaughter. Clement-Richard-Benjamin-William-Zadock-Ansel-Amasa-Corona-Charles-Ruth-and then me. I've been looking for Clement's parents and have had no luck. I thought I was on to something when everyone seemed to agree about John Bigge and Rachel Martin (or Marten), but I fear this is an assumption only because the years coincide. (Rachel and John were married in Tenterden, Kent in 1583, and Clement was possibly born in 1587.) And there were variations of Briggs, Breggs, Bigge, etc. all in the same family. But I think this is one Bigge that got stretched too far.

Molly, I am looking in to John b. 1557 in Lancashire as a possible father to Clement. An interesting route to follow. But Lancashire is even further away from Dorset than Kent is (about 300 miles). My husband's family is all from Lancashire and that just seems to be an area where people never budged from! And I wonder if this might be the same John Bigge (also born 1557) mentioned above.

Clement's birthplace is a bit confused in my research. Some say it's Weymouth in Dorset. Some say is Southwark in Surrey. I know it was unusual to move great distances from a birthplace. But he did take the chance on a whole new country! We do know for a fact he said on oath he was living in Southwark in 1616. And we know he ended up at Wessagusett. I'm tending to be swayed toward a birthplace of Weymouth Dorset for two reasons: 1) birth records are not easily found for that timeframe in Dorset so I can't prove or disprove, but records for the London area (Southwark is just outside/virtually IN London) are more easily found and I am not finding Clement. 2) I think some have jumped to a conclusion he was born in Southwark simply because we know he lived there at one time, possibly even in 1612. A third possible is too far a reach: could he have had influence in naming the New World area because he was (possibly) born in Weymouth Dorset?

In the Passengers of The Fortune section of  "English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers" it's recommended that he might be found in the parish registers of St. Saviour, St. George or Bermondsey in Surrey. I've had a look through St Saviour and couldn't find him. I haven't given up.

Well I suppose the search goes on. I have not been able to find any new information on Clement as of yet.


Yeah, it's pretty frustrating. I've been trying to solve the Clement Briggs' parentage for a while now.





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