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My Great Great Grandparents  were John Clayton and Rosa lavinia Moore.

I have their marriage record 10 Nov 1884 showing his age as 34 and hers as 26 the marriage record does not show  the father's name for either of them.

in 1891 census his age is 42 hers is 30

in 1901 census his age is 53 hers is 43

Rosa died in 1904

in 1911 census his age is 63.

John was born in Otley, Yorkshire West Riding, there are 2 John Claytons born in Otley listed on YorkshireBMD website 1 is in 1847 the other in 1850. Unsure which certificate to order to find parents.

The age varies so much through the records with yrs between John and Rosa listed as 8, 10 and 12. it gets confusing.



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Hi Gerald, have you thought about looking at the witness names on the marriage certificate? Sometimes it's easier to identify the witnesses and link them to the people getting married - I must say usually if there is no father on the birth certificate it could be that the father was not around at the time, do you know anything about Johns work? apprenticeship records, Military Records etc that could help identify him?

kind regards


Hi Sharon, John was a Cloth Presser by trade, but we have no info on this we just know from marriage record and census data. The witnesses at the marriage were Rosa's aunt Adelaide and Thomas Machell. Thomas Machell was either Rosa's uncle by marriage (married to Rosa's other aunt Clarissa) or else Rosa's cousin as Thomas Machell Sr and Clarissa had a son Thomas who was the same age as Rosa.

Rosa 's father is not listed as she was illegitimate and her mother died during child birth so she was raised by her grandmother. John we have no idea why his father is not listed.

GOOD NEWS!!! I have broken through this brick wall. John Clayton's parents are Joseph Clayton and Mary Davies; I have been able to track them right through. Joseph passed away in 1863 or 1864.  The fact that he was deceased is likely why his name is not listed on the marriage record.

I have also discovered Joseph's parents and siblings. Joseph is the fourth child of Robert Clayton and Ann Merial Rutter both from Cheshire, England. I have also found Ann Merial Rutter's parents and siblings. Her parents are Joseph Rutter and Sarah Gleave.

My new brick wall is Robert Clayton's parents



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