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Sources state that the Boie or Boje surnames derived from an earlier given name spelled much the same. For example, a Middle Dutch nickname Boye means boy or lad. Sources say that Boje is still used as a personal or given name in Frisia.

An Old Norse origin for the given name Boje has also been suggested, with the meaning to dwell or to have a household.

The surnames are predominantly Danish, Dutch, English, Frisian and North German, with Boie or Boje or Boye being variant spellings. It is also found elsewhere in Scandinavia.

A good discussion of these names and the places of origin for those who came to America is provided by

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It's interesting to see meanings attached to the surname I've stared at for so long. In the Hudson Valley, it looks like my BOYES family may have come from the BUYS family. I'm not sure if we have the keeper of the church records to thank for the variation.



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