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- Thomas (John) Bliss B. 1550, Belstone Devonshire, England, Death Abt. 1617, Belstone Parish, , England, Burial 08 Sep 1617, Preston Capes, Northampton, England. May be the son of  William Blysse, birth Abt. 1520, Daventry, Northampton, England, Burial 20 Jul 1574, Daventry, Northampton, England. His mother name may have been Elizabeth ?.  Thomas (John) Bliss married Alice Smith. Burial, 26 Mar 1624, Preston Capes, Northampton, England.


- George Bliss, Born 1591, Belstone, DEV, Death, 31 Aug 1667, Newport, , RI. He married Ann Shaw.


More to come!

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The next in this line is;

- John Bliss, born 1645, Sandwich, Barnstable Co Massachusetts, Died 1717, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island. He married Damaris Arnold, Born 1648, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island, Died 1720, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island. (She was the daughter of Benedict Arnold Sr. and Damaris Westcott). John and Damaris had these children; Freelove, Unknown , Damaris, John, Henry, Josiah, George, Marcy.

My line is from Freelove;

- Jeremiah Meacham Born 1673, (son of Jeremiah Meacham & Mary Trask) He married Freelove Bliss, Born 16 Nov 1672, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island, Died 1708.

- Boanergres Raymond, Born 1695, (son of Jonathan Raymond & Sarah Woodbury) He married Jemina Meacham.

- Nathaniel Reynolds 25 Oct 1730 - Jan 1782 (son of John Reynolds & Anna Blanch) He married Lydia Reymond, Born 1736.

- Thomas Colpitts ( son of Robert John Colpitts & Margaret Wade) He married Eunice Reynolds.

- William Colpitts & Elizabeth Stiles (daughter of Robert E. Stiles & Charlotte Babcock)

- George Elkanah Colpitts & Hannah Berry (daughter of Jonathan Berry & Mary (Polly) Tingley)

- Wilmot Weldon Howe (son of James M. Howe & Martha Jane Harrington) He married Angie Edith Jane Colpitts.

- Wilmot Tingley Howe & Muriel Grace Almon, (daughter of Albert Edward Almon & Sadie B. Moore)

- Gordon Roy Stackhouse (son of James Roy Stackhouse & Beatrice Gwendolyn Ferris) He married Norma Olive Irene Howe.

- (Me) Randall Mark Stackhouse Sr.

Let me know if you are looking for any dates of the above names, or if you connect to any of them!



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