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Looking for Herbert Bliss family b:1849 and Clara Walker They met and poss.married in Elyria, Lorain, Ohio. Herbert was born in Michigan and Clara Walker was born in Ohio. Herbert A. was born to Elias and Anna. Elias and his wife had 4 children Mercy Elsie (Mary E.) and Selden E, Herbert A and Edith M. Mary and Selden were born in NY and Herbert A was born in Michigan and Edith born in Indiana. If any one has any patches please let me know.

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Finally confirmed Elias is Herbert Bliss Father 1894 Census confirned ELIAS labeled father... AWESOME.. I went to the Library of Michigan today. Also found the information to send for the death certificate for Elias and Selden. SO excitied .. I had to share my find...
It was pretty sure now I am really sure.
All because in the 1850 Census
The two boys were
Elias S,
Archliss H.
and 1860 census
Seldon E. and Herbert A. It was a bit confusing. Now I am not confused..
Where is the world did Herbert Bliss Die? Born Abt. 1849 Michigan Married to Clara Walker.. in 1870 Census they Resisded in Elyria,Lorain,Ohio...Had a Daughter Mabel Age 3 month... 1880 He is not listed in the Census with her.. In the 1894 State Census he was listed with her... and his Father Elias was also listed ....In the 1900 Census he is not listed again,, but Clara as Head of Househols was listed and Married 26 years but not listed as Widowed.. and in 1904 She remarried a John Schultz in Jackson,Michigan... Any Suggestions Please feel free... to Post.



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