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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to genealogical research, but I have some information on William Graves Barnett, John Barnett, Sherrod William Barnett, and Henry Barnett, the latter three having lived in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Henry was my grandfather, Sherrod my great grandfather, and so forth.

I've never had much luck getting past William Graves Barnett, at least in terms of authoritative information.

If anyone would like to talk about this topic, I'd be happy to share what (little) I know.

Best wishes,

John Barnett

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Hi John,

My husband's name is Barnett from Rhode Island. His line goes back to Wiltshire, England. I have been doing genealogy for many years. I also know of Barnetts from Somerset, England. I have done a lot of research in the UK, Canada and the USA.

Do your roots go back to UK or only in USA?

Hi Jen,

I can get back semi-reliably to Thomas Barnett in Virginia and North Carolina in the 1700s (father of William Graves Barnett) and possibly back further to John Barnett in Goochland County, Virginia, in the 1600s. Beyond that, it's all a mystery. I'm assuming the family came over from England in the 1600s, but I have nothing to prove it yet.

Thanks for you prompt message.

John Barnett
Hi Cousin,

So you are from Uncle Henry's line! That is the line of Henry H. and Hettie Farmer Barnet right? I'm from his big brother Columbus Dugan and Rhoda Tinne Hutchinson Barnett, through thier son Theodore and Ella Elizabeth Cope Barnett, through thier daughter Tinne Mildred.

The line prior to William Graves Barnett is Thomas and Sarah Croshaw Graves Barnett, m. 3 February 1764 in Goochland, VA. Thomas was the son of John and Katherine Farrar Barnett, John was the son of William and Anna Rolfe Barnett.

Email me off line for documentation - and I'll send what I have in my computer. I have additional documentation as well. It will save you some digging at the UVA library.

Yes, that's the line! My father used to refer to your great-grandparents as Uncle Dug (pronounced like Doog) and Aunt Tine!

I'm happy to email you offline. Will do so in just a few.

Thanks for responding, Gwen.

This line is online in Mic Barnette's DNA project.
Gwen, are you aware of the line of Henry Barnett, b, c.,1790, and d. 1848 in Estill County, Ky. His wife was Celia Abney and they were married in Estill County, 1810. Some researchers show his father to be Francis Jackson Barnett, born about 1804 in Virginia. This line does not work. Henry was born prior to Francis. Are you aware Henry Barnett's ancestors? I'm trying to make a connection to the Graves family.

I don't have him in my data base. I know I don't have all the children of William Graves Barnett in my data base, and it is very possible that Henry is one of my missing kids. He is obviously not Francis's, but may be his brother. Francis Jackson had a son Henry, but he was born August of 1834. That Henry married Charlotte White and I have the names of all their children, etc.

Interested in your Henry Barnett. I'm not sure if the Henry I'm working on is the same as your Henry. I have a Henry Barnett born about 1795 and died 1848 in Estill County, Kentucky. HIs wfe was Celia Abney and they were married 11 Feb 18140 in Estill County, Kentucky. They had children: Joshua, Patsy, Martha, Mariah, Greenberry, William and Matilca. Is this the same line of Barnetts?


I replied to your post in the wrong spot. I'm interested in your Henry Barnett. The Henry that I have been working on was born about 1795, in Virginia and died 1848 in Estill County. Kentucky. He married a Celia Abney, 11 Feb 1810 in Estill County, Kentucky. She was born 1794, in Virginia. They had the following children: Joshua, Patsy, Martha, Mariah, Greenberry, William and Matilda. Is this Henry the same as your Henry?
I believe your William was the son of Thomas, and he was the son of John. Thomas married Sarah Croshaw Graves 03 Feb 1754 in St. James Parish, Goochland County, Virginia. His father John was born about 1725 in Goochland County, Virginia and he died May 1780 in Granville County, North Carolina. His wife was Katherine Farrar. There is a lot of data out there about Sarah Graves family line. A Thomas Graves was in Jamestowne in 1608.

I believe your Henry, b. 1795 in VA, to be a missing son of William and Judith Thompson Barnett who was born at that time. Primarily, I believe this because the names you give for Henry's children fit the naming patern of the children of William's and his children's children.
There is documentation in the UV library now that indicates William who married Anna Rolfe was the father of John Barnett who married Katherine Farrar. Please note, I said indicates - it's still not proven as far as I know.

Thanks. I hope to find some type of documentation to support this line. Do you know the title of the book or document at UV library?

If you type John Rolfe in the search box you'll be amazed at the material. His son Thomas, who was educated in England and Scotland before returning to Va, married Jane Poythress in 1638. It is claimed they had twelve children, but so far only three have been verified: Jane, who married Col. Robert Bolling, Anne, who married William Barnett, and John.





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