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Here is the fully validated part of my direct Barnett family tree:


Descendants of Schuyler Barnett

1 Schuyler Barnett b: May 1787 in Montgomery Co Virginia d: 22 Jan 1834 in Benton county, Missouri, buried in Smith cemetery

.. +Elizabeth Harrison b: 1796 in Virginia d: 02 Jun 1857 in Benton county, Missouri, buried in Smith cemetery

... 2 Richard Harrison Barnett b: 01 Nov 1826 in Lincoln County Kentucky d: 03 Dec 1904 in Cross Timbers, Missouri (Cross Timbers Cemetery)

....... +Lucy Ann Clanton b: 01 Jan 1830 in Surry, North Carolina d: 15 Feb 1915 in Cross Timbers, Missouri (Cross Timbers Cemetery)

........ 3 Thomas Benjamin Barnett b: 25 Jul 1858 in Warsaw, Benton county, Missouri d: Aug 1940 in Pueblo, Colorado

............ +Ruth Adams Bailey b: 11 Dec 1860 in Warsaw, Benton county, Missouri d: 31 Dec 1940 in Pueblo, Colorado

............. 4 Benjamin Homer Barnett b: 19 Feb 1889 in Edwards, Missouri (Benton County) d: 23 Dec 1958 in Pueblo, Colorado

................. +Grace Caroline Hahn b: 11 Jul 1890 in Strong City, Kansas d: 17 Jul 1972 in Pueblo, Colorado

.................. 5 Edward Bayard Barnett b: 13 Dec 1915 in Caney, Kansas d: 12 Dec 1994 in Maryland Heights Missouri, buried Pueblo, Colorado

...................... +Ruth Hallie Ladd b: 23 Nov 1919 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky d: 30 Jun 1996 in Pueblo, Colorado


I have the tree back much futher, but the verification has been problematic. The World Trees shown on are almost certainly wrong, with the key controversy being the parents of Schuyler. If anyone is intestested I can post earlier (and controversial parts) of the tree which are based upon my own research and that of some of my distant cousins who unfortunately are now deseased.


---UPDATE 7/15/2010


I have just come into possession of photocopies of Schuyler Barnett's birth certificate and a torn page from the family bible. They confirm the father of Schuyler Barnett as being James P. Barnett, and refutes most of what is on concerning his parentage. What has confused the issue is that there are so many James Barnetts with similar birth dates in Virginia and Kentucky. I will try to sort this out in this update shortly.


In virtually all trees James P. Barnett is listed as the husband of Elizabeth Jane McKinley or Jane McKinley. This, however, is incorrect. The James Barnett who married the McKinley woman was born in Mecklenburg, NC about 1768 and died in Logan Kentucky on 04 Mar 1816. This is documented in their family bible and in census records. James P. Barnett was born in 1762 in Amherst, Va and died 31 Mar 1834 in Lincoln, Ky. James is listed in the will of another James Barnett 1742-1808 (a cousin) as a son-in-law. Schuyler is also in the will. Here are the additions to the decendency chart:


1 James Barnett b: Abt. 1726 d: 1791 in Montgomery Co Virginia

.. +Rebecca

... 2 James Barnett, Jr b: 1742 in Amherst Co Virginia d: 08 Jul 1808 in Montgomery Co Virginia

....... +Anne Rachel Clements b: 1736 in Augusta Co Virgina d: 1810

........ 3 Anne Barnett b: 1768 in probably Botetourt Virginia d: Bef. 1824 in probably Lincoln County Kentucky

............ +James P. Barnett b: 1762 in Amherst Co Virginia d: 31 Mar 1834 in Lincoln County Kentucky

............. 4 Schuyler Barnett b: May 1787 in Montgomery Co Virginia or Lincoln Co Kentucky d: 22 Jan 1834 in Benton county, Missouri, buried in Smith cemetery

................. +Elizabeth Harrison b: 1796 in Virginia d: 02 Jun 1857 in Benton county, Missouri, buried in Smith cemetery


There is also another Schuyler Barnett who was living in Lincoln County Kentucky about the same age who married Mary Slade and died in Madison Kentucky. The two Schuylers are cousins and census records for both exist.


The parents of Elizabeth Harrison are Richard Harrison and Milly Tucker. Milly and James P. Barnett signed the marriage certificate for Schuyler and Elizabeth.

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Ronald I think we may have some common ancestors.  I would like to know more about James b. 1726.


James Barnett, born 1726, died in Montgomery County Va in 1791. His parents were James Barnett, born 1703 in Londonderry, Ireland, died 1787 in Albemarle,Virginia and Jane Johnson, born 24 Jun 1709 in Ireland. This line goes back to William Barnett born 1609 in Scotland and died 11 Jan 1651/52 in Londonderry, Ireland.


Other children of James Barnett, born 1726 include

William Barnett

John Barnett

Rebecca Barnett


These are definitely my people.  I thought his direct line might come through Robert, brother of James, though.Do you have any documentation re James and Jane? I descend from their son Robert who married Mary Montgomery.  I would like to exchange info with you if possible. I have  a bit of info about the Clements family as well.  My email is Hope to hear from you there! Shelly





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