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BAGE - One-Name Study


BAGE - One-Name Study

I am researching the name Bage globally and would be interested to hear from anyone with an interest in the name. My research also includes the variants Bagge, Bagg, Badge, Baige, Baghe.

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My name is Keith Bage and this the BAGE (& Variants) group dedicated to the study of the BAGE family name. Since you have stumbled upon this group I'm guessing you also share an interest in the surname BAGE,( BAGGE, BAGG, BADGE etc), either from birth or by marriage and have an interest in your family history. If this is the case I'd love to hear from you.

I have registered the name BAGE and it's variants with the Guild of One-Name Studies and as such am obliged to answer any queries you might have. I am of course also seeking any reference to the the above mentioned names and would be delighted to receive any information you can offer.I first began my research into the BAGE name in the early 1990's when I began researching my own family tree which originated from the Middlesbrough area of the UK. I managed to trace my own tree back to the early 1700's and as my interest in genealogy grew, so did my interest in all occurrences of the BAGE name and all it's varinats spellings. As part of my research I would like to establish if there is indeed a link between the various spellings of the name.

Over the years I have collected a great amount of information which I would like to share with you. So, feel free to comment or contact me at with any questions or information you can offer.

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