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My AVERY line centres around the far southwest of Devon (Plymouth) and the far southeast of Cornwall (Rame).


Samuel AVERY, a carpenter, married Jane BIRCHALL.  Among (doubtless other) children, they had Samuel (1804), George (1814-1878), and Susanna (1818). 


George was christened on 30 September 1814 in East Stonehouse, Devon, but he married Thomasine DUNSTONE from Rame, Cornwall on 18 October 1834 in Plymouth, and from then on the family 'became' Cornish.  The couple had the following children: John Dunstone (1835-1903), George (1837-1839), another George (1841-1846), Jane (1843-1859), Elizabeth Emma (1845-1847), yet another George (1847-1854), another Elizabeth Emma (1849 to full age), Thomazine (1852), Susanna Maria (1855), and William Henry (1864).  A large family, but many of the children lived only a few years.

After father George died, Thomasine kept the inn going and was enumerated on a couple of censuses as a publican.


I descend from the eldest son, John Dunstone, who was christened on 19 April 1835 in Rame.  On 29 July 1860 he married Emma Elizabeth DUNSTONE - his first cousin - and between them they had the following children: Jane Ann (1861), Bessey (1863), John Henry Francis (1865), William Henry (1868), George (1870), Emma Maud (1874-1951), Edgar Edwin C (1877), Laura Melinda (1879-1892); and Henry Paul CHASE (1856), William Ball CHASE (1858), and Charles Russell CHASE (1860) from Emma Elizabeth's first marriage. 

In the 1891 census, John Dunstone is described as a widower - although actually Emma Elizabeth was still alive and an inpatient in the Bodmin Lunatic Asylum.  In the 1901 census, she was out, and described as married - but John Dunstone was in the Lunatic Asylum, and in fact died there of nephritis (one of his problems was that he would drink hardly at all, so it's no wonder).  One of the reasons Emma Elizabeth had been committed there was because her room was untidy!  I wonder when they're coming for me, then LOL


Their daughter, Emma Maud, was born on 28 April 1874 in Maker, Cornwall, and married Samuel Murch HAYWOOD on 2 May 1893 in...Devon!  and that is where my AVERYs become HAYWOODs.  However, my father was always proud of being Cornish...



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