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Hi Everyone, 

As some of you have seen in previous notes and discussions, I'm stuck. My brick wall ancestor is William Avery.  He married Clorinda Bailey.  From there my Avery trail grows cold.

I've been following up with some leads that family have sent me but nothing has come of them.  However, I've come across something on a number of different public trees (I know, not necessarily reliable...but I'm desperate!) and I can't seem to get a definitive yes or no answer.  So, I'm posting this question to all of my message boards.

Clorinda Bailey's father is Constant Bailey who was born in 1777 in Haddam, Connecticut.  He died in 1843 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  His wife's name is Abigail.  I've never found her last name in the records that I have access to.  However, recently I've found three public trees that don't seem to be related to each other saying that Abigail's last name was Avery.  So, that has me wondering if there is a connection between my William Avery and his mother-in-law, Abigail other than son/mother-in-law.


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I've checked our Avery line.. We have two Williams, but one is married to Mary - and the other to Anne Richardson. What are the dates for your William? One of ours is coming from Nathaniel and Rachel Yeomans and the other from John and Abigail Chesbrough. 


Hi Lynda,

That too is a mystery.  According to what is written on his tombstone 1812 - 1872.  According to Census records it could be as early as 1800.  He definitely passed away in 1872 in Rutland County, Pennsylvania.  I'm pretty sure that I've seen the two Williams that you mentioned and neither are mine.  

I haven't been able to find any Avery clan that branches into Pennyslvania and yet that is where my Averys originated.  My Averys later settled in Schuyler County, New York.




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