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Carol here is a lay out of the 1871 census for Richard Meynell

England & Wales 1871 Census
Name    Relation    Condition    Gender    Age    Occupation    Birth Place   
Richard V Meynell    Head        M    54                Codurham   
Caroline R Meynell    Wife        F    48                Codurham   
Richard W Meynell    Son        M    14                   Kent   
Samuel V Meynell    Son        M    12                   Kent   
Thomas V Meynell    Son        M    8                   Kent   
George Abbley    Son-In-Law        M    30                   Kent   
Robertina Abbley    Daughter    F    29                 Hampshire       

Richard, V Meynell  
Registration Number:
Rg10    Piece:
890    Folio:
75    Page:
Registration District:
Gravesend    Sub District:
Gravesend    Enumeration District:
3    Ecclesiastical Parish:
Civil Parish:
Milton    Municipal Ward:
Milton    Address:
East Street, Milton    County:

I have saved a pdf of this certificate if you need it


thanks for doing that Wayne as I don't have the 1871 Census records for Richard for some reason - must have missed that one - not unusual as most of his researching was done late at night after a full day at work!.  I do have some of the census records but still had no idea that Richard Vaux Meynell had his own company until I checked out the Thames Tugs site so it was a great suprise find for me - I'm now looking out for any other vessels built by he and his company.  I guess I just felt that the tug site was full of info that may help someone else with their research:)  I'm waiting on receival of his death certificate now as family rumour was that he was a very big man and he drowned from the vessel "Rock of Ages" which I actually did find a tiny mention of at Grimsby (just the boat name and number).  Trying to do google searches for the vessel 'Rock of Ages' tested my patience when most of the returns would be the hymn, but I did get there in the end.  So far, family rumours/fallacy's have proven to be incorrect so I await Richards death certificate with excitement and anticipation wondering if this time the story may be true (but generally the death details are based around the medical terminology and nothing else!  The PDF from you would be fabulous if you wouldn't mind sending it through.  Many thanks .....cheers Carol


I found these may be of interest. I done a bit copy n pasting as well


Thank you so much Wayne - excellent finds and very interesting reading - will add greatly to my stories on family members.  It's great to have a bit of insight into each ones lives.

Poor old fellow that stole the salmon probably desperately needed a good feed though hey! 

My goodness they must have been hard times from all that I've read - makes one very much appreciative of our own living standards.

Thanks once again - very appreciative.  Carol


And one more to top it off



giving this a nudge also hasn't been looked at for a while.

Hi all,


I can help with all aussie bdm indices and lots of other sources as well.  Let me know if you are stuck. In particular I do photos for North Rd Cemetery in Nailsworth Adelaide. 






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