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By pasting for help in here, will save the communication box from clogging up and those that can help will then look in here and contact the inquirer.and while we are at why don't we make a look up folder for each state.


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G'day everybody,

My name is Kim and i am trying to research my family BOGUSZ. my grandparents came to australia during WW2 as refugees and stayed at greta refugee/migrant camp, where my father RONALD JOHN BOGUSZ was born. because my grandparents are from ukraine (my grandmother MARIA RUDNYK) and poland (my grandfather JOHANN BOGUSZ) it is exreamly hard for me to find out their heritage. i was hoping of someone could help me find out a couple of things:

1. what was the ship name that my grandparents came to australia

2. who my grandparents parents were eg surnames and so forth (for both my grandma and pop)

3. and anywhere i can find any documents concerning my family. (lke birth certificates, or any documents from when they were in ukraine/poland/germany)

if anyone can help me or point me in the direction of where to go for these things i would be forever grateful.

i have tried the birth, deaths and marrages and the national archives to no result although the national archives does have something on there concerning my grandparents but it hasnt been released supposifly so i cannot view it.

if anyone can help out with any of this i would very much appreciate it. thanks so much



I'm researching my neighbour's England FT. The start in OZ - Alfred England and family, arrived ADL 1849, and as far as I can tell he then spent most of his time in Sandhurst (Bendigo) between c1854 and his death in Melb 1899, when he wasn't travelling, mainly between OZ and UK. I have a good picture of the life of his children in OZ and in England.

I'm looking for advice on material - books, research ... - that will help obtain a greater knowledge of Alfred's time in Bendigo. I've seen the brief entry in Eaglehawk and District Pioneer Register Vol 2 and I've extracted what I can find from TROVE.  We are planning to go to Bendigo later this month, where is the best place to direct my time and energy?

Thanks in anticipation.



Bob Kerr



Hi and hello from me

Wishing everyone a enjoyable happy Christmas with family and friends


Hello Everyone,

Is there anyone doing research on the SLAVIN family. My ggrandfather was Francis Slavin who married Betsy England in Wellington NSW in 1875. (The wife's family ENGLAND is large and live at Neurea / Baker's Swamp, approx 12 miles out of Wellington on the Molong Road) Their marriage certificate states Francis' age as 28 and his parents as Edward Slavin and Maria Callaghan, it states at he was born in Melbourne Vic. I have no luck with this guy.

I have no record of birth, no record of death. I have checked with funeral directors records through historical society without success. He is not buried in Wellington, even though his wife was. 

Betsy and Francis' last child was born in Wellington area in 1890. Their children were Edward, John, Arthur (grandfather), Theresa, or Thurza and Emily (1890). I am waiting for birth certificate of Arthur...i must say, eagerly.

It has been strange that Francis has never been talked about in the Slavin/ England family. My grandmother Lucy England (b.1898) married her first cousin Arthur Slavin (b. 1878) did not know anything about Francis or had heard any conversations about him, even though Francis was her father-in-law and also Uncle through marriage)

I am heatherLaverty. and what they did in Tasmania.hoping someone can help me and at the moment searching the Davie family tree. my G g g grandfather joseph Davied arrived in Tasmania in 1842 with his wife and family. My G G Grandfather William Henry Davie was born in Woolwich England in 1841. I would love to be able to find out about there arrival in Tasmania. and their life etc . Heather Laverty

Hi I am Heather Laverty and when I was on here in 2009  you were such a big help in tracing my family, I haven't seen any recent posts so was wondering if you are still helping people

. I am trying to find the death of my Great Great Grandfather Joseph Harward Pankhurst who I believe was killed in an accident in South Australia in 1882. I thought I had his death certificate but turns out it is the wring one. The one I have died in Victoria in 1865 but Joseph has been appearing a lot in trove after that date and it is definitely   him as one article is  where he is stopping my great grandfather Walter Harward Pankhurst from marrying as he is under age. I have my G G Grandmother hospital records  and it is said she has been a widow for 13 years  which fit in with the date 1882 for his death but can't find any record  of it.  , would appreciate any help m thank you. Heather Laverty



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