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By pasting for help in here, will save the communication box from clogging up and those that can help will then look in here and contact the inquirer.and while we are at why don't we make a look up folder for each state.


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me read a convict record. I'm researching Mary Ann Sainsbury and having trouble with two areas of her record.

The first question is what do all those letters mean in the physical description section? The comments start with "Marks deeply pockmarked large red mark under left eye" then there is a series of letters.


My second question concerns the last two lines of the report.If she is my girl, Mary Ann married Alexander Malcolm. So I was very excited to see what I thought was the name Malcolm right at the end. However, I can't read the last 2 lines.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. If the link doesn't work, the record is from the Tas Archives and is CON 41-1-25, digital image 182.

I read it as - Cuts to herself  15 March 1856.

P.O. Launceston 1/9/76 Larceny 2 months H.L. as Malcolm


Typing Mary+Ann+Malcolm into Trove then narrowing the search to the Launceston Examiner reveals quite a lot more about Mary Ann and confirms the Larceny Charge - Launceston Examiner 2 Sept 1876 Page 5. 

Thank you, Aussiemandas!

Gee, she was a busy girl!!

Hello everyone,

My brickwall is my gggf Edward Gordon Herbert.  I have three pieces of information regarding EGH:

ONE:  He married Miriam Gordon, 15 Nov 18, Adelaide SA, at St Pauls (Book 64 - Page 514)

TWO: His father is recorded as Edmund

THREE:  He is said to have died 1887.  Recorded on marriage of Miriam to Jos Hy Purser, 27 Jan 1894

Beyond these three pieces:

:He had a daughter Rose Jessie Gordon Herbert, born 1866 in Adelaide.

::Mother and daughter are found in Brighton in the late 1880s.


I have found two references to a Edward Gordon (or Edward G) Herbert.

:Arriving Sydney 1857 on the Camperdown from London as crew - Butcher's mate

::Leaving Melb, Nov 1864, Ship: South Australian, dest Adam Bay Bris via Syd


In anticipation, many thanks


Hi there Bob,

These may be of interest to you with Ref to Rose.     [ this one is the whole of the case]

These got my attention as they had the key word Brighton in them and being born c1866 blends in

You just never know


Hi Wayne,


Thanks for this, I appreciate your time.  I knew RJGH had been in an accident, this puts meat on the bone.

I'm off next week to the Brighton Historical Society to see if they have records that will provide more on the whereabouts (in Brighton?) of my three Herberts in the period 1867 to 1887; school records, rate books . . .  Also, since my note I've discovered Miriam Herbert (Gordon) had sisters in Victoria during the time of my interest.  Also being pursued.




Bob ...

A pleasure Bob always willing to help

hence me being on this site



Hello everyone, Sorry for going old ground But no one seems to find my G/Father John Leslie Lang Born 1873 ,Liverpool England,My last effort was British Ancestors for free lookup and if found would have to pay a fee which i would have done But  no results ,the person said that could be the Surnames for a Christian name but found no details at all ,could any one help me out please as i also stumped as well ,I have been on hear before and I think Wayne and other Members helped out ,many thanks Bertjl.
Hello all ;,Well Back on track again ,what with Computor Gone so had to get new one oh boy what a mess ,hope all are going well with their Family Trees Etc,No hopeof finding my GG/Father or G/Father so will push on ,Looking for Marie Edith May Evans(nee Claire)  in Kent England about 1910,also if possible but do not have any further details on them ,Many Thanks Bertjl.
Hello  List, Looking for Marriage of Frederick Luke Evans to Marie Edith May Evans ,Married about 1950? as had a Daughter Julia Maree  Born Jan 1950 ,many thanks Bertjl.

Hi Bert I have attached a file for you to look at it may help you just never know

Boy you really do pick the hard ones to find but never the less it makes it that more challenging.

I also have jotted down some sites for you.





Hello, hope I am using the correct part of this website. new to this.

I am looking for details of my GGrandfather. O'Reilly. name not known. my GGrandmother names unknown.

He came from Ireland. His son James Bartholomew Aloysius born in Tasmania - have not found birth but on my fathers birth certificate James' birth place is Tasmania.. James married Elizabeth Brain and they both died in Launceston Tasmania.

Not knowing my GGrandfathers first name does not make searching very easy!

Hope some one can help.

Regards to all.






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