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I have used for quite a while now, but I am thinking of leaving. It's a great program and I am very comfortable using it, but the shoebox drives me crazy. I want to organize the shoebox into families, but can't. I have emailed them and asked if they would ever change that to make it easier to organize, but I was told it will never happen. So I am probably going to cancel. I guess I'm not using the shoebox correctly, but I have nearly 50 pages of saved material and can't go through all of that information. So how do I manage this, before I just print it all out and cancel?

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I feel your frustration. I too wish for an easier way to use and manage the Shoebox. It's nice to have a place to store records until you can attach them to someone in your tree, but having to go through all those pages is nerve-wrecking. I don't understand Ancestry's unwillingness to make changes to the Shoebox feature. I don't think I would cancel my subscription because of this, but it is very frustrating.

WELLLL!  Waiting till you have a full box to start is NOT Ancestry's problem. :-) You should have been sorting and putting things in the right place as you collected them. :-)




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