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I am a subscriber to Ancestry (US only) and have a tree with about 2300 people. Right now it is a private tree. I also have a public tree on I have many family members contributing to the Geni tree and herein lies the problem. There are times when a branch of the tree grows on Geni and I'd like to move that information to Ancestry. Now, I can generate a GEDCOM on Geni and upload it to Ancestry but I have found no way to merge that into my tree. I tried making the GEDCOM upload a public tree so I could do a "search", find it and merge it that way. But I had no luck that way. I could not find that public tree. So, is the only alternative to add the people in that branch manually, a person at a time? I'd like to think there is a more elegant solution.

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I wrote to Ancestry to see if there was a way to merge trees. I use my file at home on my computer all the time, and I really don't want to sit & add everything to the Ancestry online tree after I already added it to my file at home. I was told that the only ways to update the online tree was to sit & manually add the new info to your file OR delete the old tree & re-upload a new one. The only problem with deleting is that you lose all of the linked records.
This is a frustrating problem. I continually work on my data and update almost weekly. I wanted to share the information I had with others searching for the same family lines. I found the same thing you said to be true. You cannot update the file once it is uploaded unless you do it by hand..yuk. I ended up changing the newer file to a different name and uploading it. This means I have two family files on Ancestry. I was hesitant to delete the older file..but I may do so anyway as it it reduntant to have both there.
I noticed this problem two years ago... the only solution I can think of is if you have Family Tree Maker on your computer, you can merge the information in FTM and then replace the file online. But then you have the issue of sources... I also noticed this sourcing problem in the past.... this is why I keep a public tree online, use ancestry to look up information, but keep my file on my system at home with all of my data and sources on it... backing it up weekly or as I need to by either emailing the back up file to myself or my mother... since she too is getting into genealogy.



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