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I need assistance. I am finding their "site builder" crude and difficult to manage.


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I have not seen the Rootsweb site builder. Can you copy and paste the page where you find this into a reply so I can see where this happens. I use and have shared my family tree gedcome. I also use World Connect when looking for ancestors' records. Is the Rootsweb site builder something new? Hope you can share more, unless someone else already knows what you are talking about and will respond.
Linda, it is the "place" where you build your page when you get the Freepages to build your website.
I obviously did not answer your question. Freepages at rootsweb is different from Its website address is: Perhaps someone else will help you. You are wanting your own website at Rootsweb freepages? I have not done that.
No..I have a website; Texas History Hunter

but a friend wants to use the free site and was given space at to place their website. But you have to access it from the freepages site and use their method. He has asked me to be the webmistress and I have seen the wonderful pages others have created there. I am just having a really hard time using their site.
Hi Sherry,

Are you sure you have to use their site builder? I think it's just there for those who need/want to use it. You should be able to create the site with whatever software you like and then ftp to rootsweb. At least, that's how the homepage area works, and I thought the free page area was similar. But admittedly, I haven't puttered in a couple of years.
I don't may be right. I don't have a website builder..I use the one intragrated with the hosting company,

My daughter uses Yahoo but you down load their builder to your computer and then upload the site. She likes it but the downside is she can only use it from her computer, whereas I can use any computer since the builder is on the web.

Can you suggest a good website builder software? I tried one but the antivirus wouldn't allow it so I deleted it.
I use Arachnophilia -- It's careware, a form of freeware in which the authur basically says, hey, I'm doing something nice for you (the software), you be nice to other folk in return, a concept that I appreciate.

I haven't used the most recent versions 'cause I got sick a couple of years ago and I'm just getting back into the swing of things, but I used it regularly between 1998 and 2004, and it was easy to learn. One of my goals for this winter is to try to go back and update pages I haven't touched in five years -- it should be interesting.
Thank you! I will check it out.

Hope you are all better now!!
Sherry, I have a site on freepages at Rootsweb and I don't use a site builder. I just created my site as I would normally (by hand and using an html editor called ACE HTML), then uploaded it via WS_FTP. You can use any ftp program of course.

I googled this and found it on CNET. The reviews said it crashed a lot, has a MUST install toolbar which is a trojan. What sort of luck have you had with it? I guess good since you are still using it. I suppose the better question would be, how long have you been using it?

I just obtained a copy of Microsoft's Expressions. I hear it is good but hard to master. Anyone familiar with that program?



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