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Feel free to ask questions or post comments here about the Basic  Level Courses you are taking.

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I just joined this group and thought I'd ask for some advice.  I have completed Methodology I and II, and Electronic Resources; Using the Internet.  I am now enrolled in the Social Media for the Wise Genealogist course. 

I'd like to pick up the pace in my next course selection and try and sign up for possibly two courses at the same time but am worried it might be too time consuming or difficult.  Do most people take one class at a time, double or triple up?  If I double up what two class would you recommend I take at the same time?

Looking forward to some a feedback and support...

Hi Cin,

Welcome to the group! I have completed 8 of the 9 basic American records classes and will be starting the Analysis class in February. I have taken 2 or 3 classes at the same time and have found it manageable although I don't work fulltime. If it helps, I found all the classes took about the same time as the Methodology and Electronic Resources except for two: U.S. Census And U.S. Vital Records. Those two had a lot more assignments in each module, and they were more complex assignments.

Good luck!

Hi Claire Varrieur Butler, 

I'm so glad you replied.  You'll probably laugh when I tell you I was thinking of taking U. S. Census and U. S. Vital Records.  Maybe I'll save them for later.  Seriously, thanks so much for your input, I really appreaciate it and wish you lots of luck in your Analysis class.  How exciting to have all your basics out of the way.  Please keep me posted on how you're doing. 


Thanks again,




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