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I am beginning to research my father's families in Dallas & Autuaga counties, AL. The surnames I'm researching are Lanier, Callines/Callins/Callen, Smith and possibly Parker. According to oral family stories, my Callins family has ancestors who originated in Haiti and East Africa. I've enjoyed interesting family stories and memories over the years of unique incidents and professions of family members, my grandmother Lucy and her mother Lucy stand out in my mind. If anyone is researching these Alabama family surnames, please post a message here as I would like to contact all potential family members as possible. Thank you in advance,

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The Lanier history that was passed down from Felix Robinson Lanier in 1930s stated that Burwell Lanier and his brothers and sisters were orphaned after their father's death. Sampson Lanier was Burwell's uncle and raised Burwell Lanier in his home. He was Sampson's nephew instead of a son. I have to get back into that history again. My computer crashed and I lost the ancestry listing compiled by Felix Lanier. I need to get back into the original manuscript. I will get back on this later. Emiko
I am a descendent of an Daniel Lanier, an African American, born into slavery about 1823, The 1870 census shows that he was born in Alabama and his father and mother were born in North Carolina. His wife is listed as Nancy, surname unknown, also born in Alabama and her father and mother were from South Carolina. I have reached the point in my research where I need to examine the white Lanier Family estate inventories, Wills and other estate records. I would like to know the migration timeframe of the Lanier family before thet arrived in Autauga County Alabama. Daniel Lanier lived close to Clem G. Lanier, a big land owner, in the 1870 census. Daniel was the father of several girls who married into the Chappel, Love, Morten(Moten),Nunn, Motley and Kirkland families. I am also interest in comparing oral history with any descendents of Daniel Lanier also.

Thomas J. Miree
A side note: when I first started this search into the Lanier family, I thought to myself it would be fairly easy to trace since Lanier is an uncommon surname among AA. I see that I was wrong! Thomas there are a lot of Lanier's out of Alabama specifically Autauga Co. and Madison Co. attached to various white Lanier families. Best of luck in your search.
I wish I had more information on the Clement Lanier family estate. My great grandmother came from Clement Lanier family farm. She was given to Dr. Isaac D Lanier as nurse helper from his uncle Clement Lanier. However in those days in 1950, female slaves became a property of the master who owen them. She had at least 4 known children from Isaac D. Lanier. My grandfather born 1955 was the first born son to white Isaac D Lanier. All his mulatto brothers and sisters grew up in the Isaac D Lanier home since he was very possessive man, slave owner and father. There may be many other Black/Mulatto Laniers born to the White Lanier familes. We are able to carry the story since it was past down by oral history both from white and black side of the family. Census also identifies them growing up together in the same household.
The Clement Lanier's family moved from North Carolina with the aquired slaves. However there were other slaves that came from South Carolina, flesh from the slave boats. It is possible your great great grand parents had children from North and South Carolina, since they use to be afraid of marrying the kins. Some slaves, I believe were with the Lanier family since they lived in PA or VA.

Emiko Lanier
great grand daughter/(grand daughter) of Isaac D Lanier (William H Lanier) and William Pen Taylor Dabney (Elizabeth Dabney Lanier)
Thanks for your encouragement.
I looked at the 1860 slave census(schedule) and found that Clem G. Lanier owned 65 slaves. It appears that these slaves could have been family units based on the census grouping. Clem was born abt. 1805 and was living with a young man with the surname Love. Since Clem was one of the largest slave owners in that Milton District of Autauga County, I am working under the assumption that Daniel Lanier was connected to Clem G. or another slave owner Lanier. in Autauga County.
I know that this is late, but have any of you looked in the slave narratives for some of these people? I know that I was in the library here in NY a few weeks ago and came across a narrative in the WPA works for a woman who had been enslaved in Dallas Co., but lived in Oklahoma after the Civil War. She belonged to a Clem Lanier I believe. I will have to check my resources on that. But it was one of the first slave narratives I'd read on this particular day.

I just found this and thought it was interesting as we have been discussing the Lanier's in madison co and the Mary McCray that was working on the Lanier Plantation. Her sister Winnie married a Donegan:


Mary Donegan

Alabama Deaths, 1908-1974

birth: Al
spouse: Wm. Lanier
record title: Alabama Deaths, 1908-1974
name: Robt. Lanier
death date: 26 Dec 1932
death place: Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
gender: Male
race (original): Colored
race (standardized): Black
age at death: 20y
birth date: Aug 1912
birthplace: Al
marital status: Single
father's name: Wm. Lanier
father's birthplace: Al
mother's name: Mary Donegan
mother's birthplace: Al
occupation: Farmer
street address: RFD 4 B.413
residence: Huntsville, Madison, AL
cemetery: Fennell
burial date: 28 Dec 1932


I am the great, great, great grandaughter of Jacob and Annie Parker of Milton, Autauga, Al. Their daughter Nancy Parker married a Burl Lanier (1865), their children name were Charlies S .(1894), Bertha (1892), Henry L.(1894).

I'll have to ask about that. Its common knowledge in my family  (Lanier) that we are related to the Parkers, but no one really can identify how. I personally think that its a mixture of family members who perhaps may have been sold to an enslaver surnamed Parker and marriage. You'll see Burrell Sr. Had two sets of children. Lots of intermarriage between the black people of this county.

thanks, their is a lot of great informatioin on this site. Please let me know. There are only 2 siblings of my grandad left and they have gotten in age. Any information would be appreciated.

Hi my name is Vance Lockett Parker historian. Nancy Parker Lanier daddy was Caesar Parker born 1850. Ancestry has everybody thinking that it was Jake Parker. Is it innocent mistake. This is the only census that list is caesar's first name. He would Julius Caesar. His wife Mandy Amanda Parker died 1909. I believe he died in 1911 are something around they. His son name was Julius Caesar II. In 1910 it has him listed as JC Parker Accessory incorrectly assume that is Jake Parker. I have a whole post on Facebook addressing this issue

 my third great grandma Marendy Parker is Caeser sister. Jake Jacob who was really born around 1840 despite what the censes say is also a sibling.  I'm in a process of writing a book about the parkers. I got him traced back to the Virginias, to Georgia where Elisha Parker had many of us. He and his wife died suddenly in 1820. His enslave people were in probate for 11 years Because their children was too young to get them. A white William Parker handle most of the affairs including renting them out to others. They moved to autauga  Alabama in 1829. In 1831 the kids were finally old enough to get the property. The oldest child Ashley Parker what the executor. She was 26. Lazarus Battle Parker got a lot of people.

 his siblings got the rest. But he went back and ended up with most of them. In 1833 he was the overseer of Solomon Stevens a rich planter. Solomon was mysteriously murdered by supposedly two black men. Lazarus end up marrying his wife and ends up with all the property 6000 acres and then he ends up divorcing her leaving her broke by 1852. In 1855 at 45 he marries a 22 year old Bonita Milner and have 11 kids with. He supposedly had 19 kids with Generic pronounce Genary (White folks called her Ginny). He never had any with Bethany Stevens.

 it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out who's really behind the killings

 he ends up with 100 enslaved people eventually and a property value of $100,000 in 1860.

I'm related to Parker, Nunns, Motley, Moten, and Laniers from auatauga. i have a ton of history

My number is 614 nine hundred 3114
My facebook is Vance Lockett 
Hit me up 

My cousin Tiffany said something about some of our ancestors were in or from Haiti 



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