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Discussion thread for BARBOUR, HENRY, & MONTGOMERY County researchers. Post your SURNAMES & QUERIES here!:-)

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Hi ya peeps. Looking for George W. Thompson born in Ireland was in Montgomery County and was a judge. Any info would be my greatest joy. thanks
Is Reeders Mill in Barbour County? I'm looking for Traywicks in Reeders Mill. Does anyone know anything about Reeders Mill?
Hi Ellen! I am just hearing back from a local cousin & she's not familiar with Reeders Mill. Let's look to see what's online about RM or look for Traywicks and see where they turn-up.


I just found out about this forum.  Did you get an answer to the Reeders Mill question.  Most of my faternal family is from Reeders Mill and related places. If I can help.  Just let me know.

Hi Ellen! Welcome to the ARD forum! Let me see what I can find out from a cousin local to the area.

One of the biggest challenges for me is not knowing the lay of the land in Alabama. I will have to fix that with a good visit soon!:-)

Stay tuned...

BARBOUR County Genealogy Resources posted by the Columbus Public Library:

{Thanks Taneya!:-}
On the hunt for surnames - BARWICK, MCKENZIE, ROSS, MARTIN, WASHINGTON & MCRAE families.
Hi All,

I'm looking for the surnames of Glenn, Grant and Griffin.
I am researching slaves of Gordon Sanford Bunkley from Montgomery Alabama. Any assistance is appreciated!
Surnames I am looking for in Barbour and Bullock County Alabama are Ivey or Ivery. I have the Will and Appraisement Record for Barna Ivey (Irish) looking to connect him as slaveholder. Writing is hard to decipher.
I have a great deal of information for any McPherson researchers.
Looking for surnames: GLOVER, LANDRUM, WINSLETT in Barbour and Bullock counties.



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