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It is wonderful to see the members growing in this group. Perhaps this is a chance for us to check in and get to meet each other---so it's time for a Roll Call.
Indicate your name, the surnames you research, and your special genealogical areas of focus.

I will start it off:

My name: I am Angela Walton-Raji
Surnames: Walton, Bass, Young, Martin, Dollarhide, Bryant, Barr, Gamble (Gambrell), Houston, Talkington, Perry
Geographic Interest: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississipi, Tennessee
Research specialties:. African American, Afr-Native American, US Colored Troops, Freedman's Bureau
African-NativeAmerican Genealogy Website
African Roots Podcast
Arkansas Freedmen
Choctaw & Chickasaw Freedmen

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robyn anderson

surnames: anderson, samuels, mickens, trice

graphic areas: virginia ,ohio

willing to help anyone who needs help with look ups.
My name: I am Aaron Dorsey
Surnames: Luckey, Sampson, Haynes, Perkins, Simpson, Ransom, Leavell, Dorsey, Brown, Brewster, Stanley, Whitaker, Williams, Crawford, Harriss, Rowal, Hardin, and Easley
Geographic Interest: Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama
Research specialties:. African American, Texas
My name: Stephanie McDade
Surnames: Glenn, Grant, Griffin
Geographic Interest: Alabama, Georgia, Texas
Research specialties:. African American

I've been doing research for about 5 1/2 yrs. Always appreciate research advice.

I am George Geder

I'm all about African Ancestored Genealogy.
I'm about the stories of our Ancestors.
Every day I bless our Ancestors.

Let's help one another find and honor our families and Ancestors.

Surnames: 'Geder/Jeter/Geter', 'Melvin/Melville', Hancock, Powell, Stevenson and more...
Geographic Interest: Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, South Carolina
Research specialties:. African American


"Guided by the Ancestors"
My name: Sandra Taliaferro
Surnames: Taliaferro (Tolliver/Toliver), Poole/Pool, Dorsey, Jackson, Butler, Lawrence, Brewer, Askew, Middlebrooks, Gates, Parks, Thompson
Geographic Interest: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
Research specialties: Georgia, African American
Hi, my name is Dena Jordan
Surnames Researching: Calbert (Calvert), Green, Childs, Harmon, Jordan, Reddick, Augmon and Murray
Places Researching: Arkansas, Texas and New York
Hi Dena,

I'm acquainted with George & Elizabeth Calvert, siblings, formerly of Harlem, New York.
Could they be cousins of yours?
My name: I am Sonia L. Walker
Surnames: Foote, Lee, Walker, Simpkins, Irvin, McDuffie, Brooks, Belcher, Calhoun Davis, Rollinson +
Geographic Interest: Abbeville & Edgefield Counties, SC > radiating out from there
Research specialties:. Interested in finding descendants of those who were enslaved on Calhoun's Millwood Plantation, our little genealogy group, the Buffalo Genealogical Society of the African Diaspora, has a funeral program collection with 3000+ of Bflo-connected folks. I don't feel like I have a specialty yet, but I like helping new folks get started with their research & help with using the computer as a tool in research.
Websites: 4000+ folks connected to Calhoun Falls at
My cousins & I joke, "Calhoun Falls - ultimately one set of grandparents for all of us" - so if you're not a blood cousin, you probably married one.
My Name: Arthur L. "Art" Thomas

Surnames.: Adams, Allen, Bridges, Brooks, Dotey, Edwards, LaForce, Lawrence, Lee, Reed, Reno, Robinson, Scott Stewart, Walden

Geographic Area(s) of Interest: Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Ontario Canada

Research Interests: African American, Free Persons of Color, US Colored Troops, Underground Railroad and I enjoy helping others attain their research goals

My name is Edna Mae Sanders
Surnames and geographic interests: Sanders, Young, Waggoner, Lane, Goodlow , Medaris, and Mackins -- in Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia (Sanders possibly in Arkansas)
Chappell, Burns, Young, and Hayes -- in Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, and Georgia
My name: Quan Pruitt
Surnames: Arnett, Brown, Dixon, Powell, McClure, McElroy
States researching: Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia
Researching: 20 years plus
Interest: Slave laws
I'm Craig Manson. I'm a law professor and active lawyer in California.


Areas: GA, LA, TX, IL, MO

Other special interests: DNA, Veterans, Legal Issues



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