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I was trying to determine how Milton Bankett was related to Sallie Southern and my results were successful. I've been tracking this family through slave records as well so I plan to post that within the coming month or so.


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Very nice case study; I enjoyed reading it. I like the way you analyzed and used each record you found that led you to another record, that eventually led you to the answer you were seeking. Good example of how to research and solve a relationship question. I look forward to reading more.
Hello Terrence

This is a very good example of how one must connect the dots in family history and how one document connects to another. Your analysis is clear and you have presented to the reader the value of source citation and thorough analysis of the documents that are found. Excellent work!

Thank you both for taking the time to read and give your thoughts on the case study I really appreciate it.
Hi Terrence,

This is amazing!

I can't say more than Sandra or Angela.
I look forward to the developments in this case study.

"Guided by the Ancestors"





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