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Looking to get past Abraham Adams & Barthia (maiden name unknown) and to fill in the gaps.

They had a son, Willoughby Adams, who married Elizabeth Weeks. They had a son, Ezekiel Adams to married??.

Ezekiel Adams had a son, Absalom Adams who married Jane Grantham.

Their children:

Elizabeth Adams 1794 – ?,
Mathias Adams 1797 – ?,
Zachariah Adams 1797 – 1880, (m. Elizabeth Horn)
Zacheus Adams 1801 – ? (m. Married Dicey unkn)
Mary Adams 1803 – ?,
Elijah Adams 1804 – 1887 (Married Mary Lewis. My Line)
Elisha Adams 1804 (Twin of Elijah), d. ?, (m. Ann Eliza Horn,)

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where are these adams from just give area
This is from's One World Tree and while it is a good starting point, I take it with a grain of salt until I can get confirmation.

John Adams, Born: 21 May 1625 England was supposedly Abraham's father

Abraham Adams b. 1690, Clay Root Swamp, Bath, NC; d. 13 Mar 1734 Bath NC.

Willoughby Adams b. 1717, Bath, Beaufort, NC; d. 1818, Pitt, NC

From a member contributed tree, last updated in 2007:

born: 21 MAY 1625 in England
Occupation: Carpenter
Records of Hazel Lee Adams Gregory.
I do not know that this line is truly correct, but must do more research. (3 Dec. 1998)

Father: John Adams b: ABT 1592 in England
Mother: Mary (Adams) b: in England

Marriage 1 Mrs. Adams
James Adams b: in North Carolina
Emanuel Adams b: in North Carolina
Thomas Adams b: in North Carolina
Rachel Adams b: in North Carolina
Martha Adams b: in North Carolina
Mary Adams b: in North Carolina
John Adams , Jr. b: BEF 1686 in North Carolina
**Abraham Adams b: ABT 1686 in Clay Root Swamp, Bath, North Carolina

Title: From the Records of Hazel Catherine Adams Lee
Call Number:
Media: Other
Text: Date of Import: May 14, 2003

I would like to compare notes with you Sherry. I do not know a thing about this Adams group, but we might manage to find something out. The family I am looking for are also located in Beaufort Co., NC.

I have a Richard Singleton who is supposedly married to Jerusha Adams. Richard is proposed to be the son of Willoughby Singleton and Bathena _____. 

Willoughby and Bathena have a daughter Bathena Singleton. I do not know who she married.

It is all over the internet who Jerusha belongs to but I think it is more likely she belongs to an Adams family in Beaufort County.





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