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This rather confusing.

My aboriginal ancestory on my mothers side is causing me a lot of confusion with a lot of dead ends.


Aparently the story goes that my gg grandfather by the name of John Hawkins who lived in the Macdonald River area of the Hawkesbury in NSW, employed?? an aboriginal woman to care for his two daughters after his wife died.  Her name could of been either Margaret or Rose Lowe.  Anyway, from this union my great grandmother was born by the name of Margaret Hawkins.  However there is no birth record.  There is no death record for her mother yet she is listed on John Hawkins death certificate as his wife, no marriage record either.  My great grandmother married Edward Reilly of Webbs Creek in the Hawkesbury area in NSW, there is a marrage certificate with very little detail.  I realise this is a shot in the dark, but maybe someone may have heard of something.


Now it gets really confusing.  Her sister by the name of Frances Hawkins who married John Floyd, also in the Hawkesbury area of NSW, is listed as her mother in my great grandmother's hospital record???

On my grandmother's marriage certificate she lists her mother as Margaret Hawkins, but on her death certificate, her mother is listed as Margaret Floid.


If anyone is interested, I have more details and a photo of either my great grandmother or her mother??

I am not sure where to go with this confusing line of the family.


Here's hoping,



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Dear Patricia I have been speaking to my mother about Frances Floyd who is her great. Grandmother. Her understanding is that Margaret Hawkins was Frances' illegitimate child before marrying John Floyd, when she married she took Margaret with her and she became known as Margaret Floyd .

Hello Celeste

I am trying to trace Margaret Floyd's mother Margaret Hawkins nee Skinner/Lowe. We believe that Margaret Skinner was Aboriginal and part of the Lost Generation, anyway, that is how the family story goes that has been passed down from one generation to the next, unfortunately we are having problems proving this  and I was hoping that you or your mother may be is a position to confirm


b. 12/11/1838 @ Parramatta b. 8/04/1843
d. 18/11/1907 @ Higher MacDonald d. 23/11/1919 @ Higher McDonald, NSW
parents. James Floyd and Mary Anne Wright parents. John Hawkins - b. circa 1800 @ Gloster, England and Margaret Skinner - m. 1/08/1847 @ MacDonald River
married. 12/10/1872 @ Upper MacDonald River - Frances Hawkins married. 12/10/1872-  John Floyd @ Upper McDonald, NSW
children. 9 + step daughter Margaret
1. Margaret (step daughter) - b. 
2. John Joseph - b. 4/04/1874 - m. never
3. Ann Louisa - b. 2/10/1875 - m. Frank Harris
4. Harriet - b. 3/03/1877 - m. Henry Butler
5. William Hawkins - b. 8/04/1879 - m. never
6. FRANCE - b. 17/02/1880 - d. 16/05/1926 - m. 30/10/1900 GEORGE SMITH
7. Frederick James - b. 8/08/1881 - m. Beatrice Higgens
8. Mary Ann - b. 24/09/1883 - m. never
9. Helen - b. 22/10/1886 - m. George Stone
10. Jane - b. 13/09/1889 - m. Clarence Colley
born: 17/02/1880 @ MacDonald River, NSW b. 9/11/1879 @ Tamworth
died: 16/05/1926 @ MacArthur St, Ultimo. Buried Rookwood C.E. d. 7/06/1948 @ Campbelltown
parents: John Floyd and Frances Hawkins children: 7
married: 30/10/1900 - George Smith @ Mangrove Creek

Just found this on the internet  looks like the 2nd Margaret Hawkins may well be the daughter of Frances Hawkins

Hi this is Patricia.

Thankyou Celeste & Lynette for your information.

Celeste would you know if Frances Floyd was aboriginal?

My understanding is that ( my great great maternal grandmother) Frances Floyd née Hawkins had possibly an aboriginal mother but these ancestors were already 3rd generation from first settlement, (2nd fleet) so it could even have been her grandmother. My great grandmother (or her siblings) was not noticeably indigenous in appearence although she had olive skin . However the family tradition is that they were and there was quite a bit of bush medicine and tucker used. This is the other other side of the story from Kate grenvilles depiction of the Macdonald valley in secret river, ie strong families of mixed blood. The Floyd side were in the valley 1815 - 1820. I think sometimes about getting DNA test but my understanding is that my brother would get a better reading.

Hi Everyone, My name is Al and John Hawkins and Margaret Skinner are my 3rd great grandparents. I am also having plenty of difficulty in finding concrete evidence on these two and where they sit on the tree correctly.

I would like copies of any photos or information if anyone has any? 

It seems the story of Margaret being an illegitimate child might stack up. On Septimus Vincent Reilly's marriage register, it is stated the mother is Margaret Floyd (it looks like the name would be HAWKINS and scratched over the "H" to make it an "F" and carried on writing FLOYD.

My parents have had the DNA test and my father is 4% indigenous. I have traced it back through to Margaret Skinner through other relatives who have also had the DNA test. There are no records pointing to this, however, through-lines suggest this is the case.

HI Lynette

Have you been able to find anything out about Margaret Hawkins? If Margaret Skinner was Aboriginal, then I have the wrong person Margaret Skinner on my tree. It's so confusing.



Hi Trish.

This side of my family has been so confusing to work out. John Floyd and Frances Hawkins are my great great grandparents. So many people, me included have Margaret Skinner and John Hawkins as Frances's parents, however on NSWBDM her parents are listed as John and Fanny Hawkins. Also, I've noticed Margaret Skinner has been identified on some trees as Aboriginal, however Margaret Skinner was from Limerick. And there are no marriage details for John Hawkins and Margaret Skinner. 

The only thing I can find for sure is that Frances Hawkins parents were John and Fanny (Frances) Hawkins, and that she definitely married John Floyd. 

Have you been able to find anything else out over the years?







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