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My GGG Grandfather John Thomas Sheppard set sail from St Mary G'mercy Devonshire as a government assisted passenger on the ship "Orontes" in 1837. John, his wife Hannah and son John George arrived in Sydney Australia in May 1838. The ships's records show his father and mother as John & Martha Sheppard from Ottery St Mary Devon. This is where my information stops and I would like to know if there are any other Sheppard's with ancestors from this part of the world.

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Both James and also John were repetitive Christian names in my Sheppard family line through the early 1800s and to date. Have you any information on the descendants of the James or John Sheppard who came to Ireland with Cromwell? I was aware of two Sheppard brothers having came across with Cromwell and settled in the New Ross area of Ireland but am unsure of families. Our Sheppard line has resided in Co Down since the early 1800's.

Here is what we have figured out so far from the west side of the Atlantic - sorry for the delay - but perhaps your line intersects here somewhere?

Top Descendants of Richard Sheppard and Agnes Atesbury - 7 gens Page 1

Produced by Dave Bates on 7 Oct 2015

1-Richard Sheppard b. 1475, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England,
       d. 1 Mar 1524, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England
 +Annis or Agnes Atesbury b. 1479, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England,
         m. 1496, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England,
         d. 16 Mar 1540, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England

  2-Robert Sheppard b. 1505, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England,
          d. 3 Feb 1560, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England

   +Agnes b. 1509, Rye, Sussex County, England, m. 1530, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England,
          d. 3 Feb 1560, England

    3-Thomas Sheppard b. 1533, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England,
          d. 17 Mar 1589, Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England
      +Amy Earl b. Abt 1545, Wortham, Suffolk, England, d. , Redgrave-Botesdale, Suffolk, England

      4-Thomas Sheppard b. 1582, d. 16 Sep 1641, Maulden, Bedsfordshire, England
         +Elizabeth Gold d. 1623, (Maulden, Bedsfordshire, England)
        5-William Sheppard
          6-James Sheppard b. Abt 1678
        5-Captain Thomas Sheppard b. Abt 1590, Norfolk, England,
             d. 1670-1671, Castle John, County Tipperary, Ireland
         +Anna Jasper m. Abt 1612

           6-James Sheppard
             +Mary Robinson
            7-James Sheppard d. 1782
            7-John Sheppard
          6-William Sheppard
          6-John Sheppard
          6-Robin Sheppard
          6-David Sheppard b. Abt 1624, England, d. Abt 1685, Cumberland Co, NJ or , , England
             +Rachel Wansborough b. Abt 1625, m. Abt 1647
            7-David Sheppard II b. Abt 1648-1655, County Tipperary, Ireland,

                d. Bet 20 Nov and 9 Dec 1695, Back Neck, Fairfield Twp, Cumberland, NJ

            7-Giles Sheppard b. Abt 1650, England, d. Abt 1690
            7-Jonathan Sheppard b. Abt 1653, England, d. Abt 1692, 1690's War
            7-John Sheppard b. 1655, Cleagh Keating, Tipperary, Ireland,
                   d. 6 Oct 1710, Cohansey Twp, Cumberland, NJ



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