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I have been trying to get ahold of a mister Gary Powell because we are both trying to find Levi powells parents. They say he lived up a holler with a bunch of indians . Is this true? Maybe he is indian that is why no one can find his parents. His granddaughter Catherine powell Brackett was my greatgrand mother. I don't remember her but my sister does. She said she was real dark complected. I don't know if this would help but my dads name was Edward Burr Brackett. Somewhere I saw the name Edward Burr Powell. Might this be a connection?

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Hi Darlene,
This is an intriguing story. I'm not familiar with Gary POWELL and see no information for him. I hope someone sees your post and can help.

Happy Dae·
You talked to him back in July.
Hi Darlene,
I am Dennis Powell, who sent Gary Powell the info on mother and father of Levi Powell. Father to Levi was Elijah Powell and his mother was Morning Wilson . I have the family date back to 1625 year.
My parents came from Knox co., Ky and I think I have a large collection of family genealogy information.
The family at times during the 1800s were not allowed to go to school due to dark skin color. Some were consider to be black but they explained they were indian.
The Powell family lived among cherokee indian tribes in flat lick, Ky .
Please ck out my many old photos at picasa web album. Any info you need let me know.
Hi Dennis , I am so glad to hear from you. This means my son-in- law got it right . This is who he said was his Father. Have you any Idea why they are so dark?If they where Indian which tribe. I would like to know something about them. I am now going to try and see the pictures! Thanks so much!
Hi Darlene,
I do they were cherokee indian. I also know that on the smith family related to the powells were dark skin.
I am somewhat tan as my daughter is and the smith family who are related to us have big lips and my daughter also has that.
Darlene, do you have any old pictures of the Powell family I might copy?
Ok let me know if you were able to see the pictures?
Hi Dennis. I have no pictures of the powells. That is why I was so happy to see yours. I am not in the least dark. They say I look like the Bracketts. There is Indian on my Mothers side the Matthews. I am on the powell line of Peter the son of Levi. I just wanted to know something about the family. I am going to start looking up some of the names of the other powells that my son-in-law found and see if I can find more. I see you are a preacher . What Church? We go to a little Methodist church. If you hear anthing more I would love to hear it. Thanks so much!!!
Hi Darlene,

I am a Non Denom., minister but attend with the Assembly's of God.
I am currently bring all churches together no matter who they are as long as they except JESUS as their personal savior. We as churches must come together to pray to our Lord in these last days. I love my Methodist brothers and sisters.
Any questions or any new info please feel free to write me back.
God Bless!
Rev. Dennis
Me and my siblings have the tanned skin also, especially when we were younger. My cousin's here in central Tx., use to call me Choctaw, back in the 70's, when I was going to school in Rattan.
My mother, Joy Staton Powell, was dark skinned also, maybe had some Indian in her line too.
I just noticed your reply. My grandmother was dark also and a Powell. She lived in Calhoun, Georgia but her mother was Mary Craig (light skinned native American). I don't know which tribe. I know Mary Craig made her home between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Georgia. She had several marriages one was a Hamilton. Does this sound familiar?
Hi Dennis,
One of my fathers brother's Joe T., back when I was going to school up in Rattan, I heard him mention one time that we had some black in the family, and that the name was'n t Powell, but now I know where he got that from, and the name wasn't Powell for a long time it was Laws, you know, when 2nd GGF William Laws Powell, started going by Anne, his mother's last name. I was young, naive and gullible, and misinformed. He was just going by hearsay or trying to pull my leg.
Hi Darlene,
I haven't been back on the site very much lately, but you have found out from Dennis already. I didn't think Levi's parents would ever be found. I have heard we had some Indian in us. Well we have the names and date's thank's to Dennis, so now all is left is research.





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