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My Haplogroup is B2. I had my data checked elsewhere and was updated with Haplogroup B2c2b. I would love to know more about this Haplogroup and specifically what tribe if any it originates from. All I know is that it's from an area in Michoacán, Mexico but I don't know more than that.

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I did my dna through 23and me and my haplogroup is B2 also. I don't know much either... but hopefully we can learn together.

Hi! I had forgotten about my post. Anyway, I too am on 23andme. Is your mother from Mexico? My mom was from Tlacotepec and Tlalpujahua, Michoacan

May I ask for your name so I can search for you at 23andme? Or if you'd rather search for me, my name is Michele Posadas or profile name is Azanigin.





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