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anyone what does this mean  mymtdna is D1

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Hi Samuel,


My maternal linkage is also from halo group D specifically D1 native american which landed in Virginia. I will

send you more info when I get a chance from my research at



Ok Samuel.. Here is a link that explains mtdna D1.. and I have uploaded the file from my

DNA results at The report explains our ancestry D halogroup..




I am  D1. My great grandmother was a Muscogee (Creek) Indian born 1861 in Alabama. Other Native American ancestors and relatives of mine are A2- 5th Great Grandmother, B2-5th Great Grandmother, Q1a3a- Great great grandfather, X2b -1st Cousin. We are a group of Southeastern Muscogee descendants who got together and tested our DNA...and we are very excited at what we found.





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