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Searching for Slave Records/Property Records/Deeds from Mexico

My great great great grandparents and great great grand uncles were born in Mexico between the years of 1830 and 1842. I'm not exactly sure of their or their parents status in Mexico. At this point in my research I'm presuming that they were enslaved. The siblings took the surname of Henyard and after the Civil War relocated to Southern Mississippi. I'm looking for any families who may have resided in Mexico with that surname. If they were free people or not. The census lists their race in 1870 Wilkinson Co. Ms as black. However, they may have been mixed race.
Any assistance with the Mexican side of this puzzle would be greatly appreciated. Through my research on the area I did discover that there was quite a bit of back and forth travel for blacks at that time between Texas and Mexico. Also the borders changed as well and finally there was the UGRR which went into Mexico.
Please help, I don't even know where to begin to research Mexican records!
Thanks a bunch!

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Since the only name you give is Henyard, this all I could find in It's a start and I hope it helps you.
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Thanks Jose, I appreciate your assistance. However, let me clarify what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a resource to census records, deeds and taxrolls, etc. from Mexico. Does anything like that exist? Thanks again.
You could start with Finding your Mexican Ancestors: a beginners guide by George and Peggy Ryskamp.The book is available at most public libraries which have genealogy sections and also from booksellers (Amazon, etc.) Unlike US genealogy, Mexican genealogy starts with church records moves to civil registration and then goes to other records, if needed. I've written two fairly advanced unpublished articles, one on Mexican censuses and one on Mexican notarial records, which I'll be happy to share with you. Please send me a private email: Janet K
If your ancestors were born in Mexico between 1830 and 1842, they were not slaves. Attempts at abolishing slavery in Mexico were made as early as 1810 but it wasn't until the constitution of 1824 that slavery was outlawed and not until 1829 that steps were taken to implement the law. One of the main causes of the Texas Revolution was that the white settlers in Mexican Texas did not want to give up their slaves. See for a brief summary of the topic.



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