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This search engine is very powerful in that it brings up more current genealogy (up to 1930). You can select a much larger block of years to look at. i.e. 1895 - 1930. It has an advanced search feature which allows searching for surnames using BOTH of the parent's surnames. You don't have to put in first names. This is quite valuable when looking for siblings of that certain couple. I've been able to find brothers of my mother and of my father that I never knew existed until just a few months ago!! Try it; you'll like it!

BTW, this group is too quiet! Let's make some noise and get that Family Tree to GROW! I'll help you as much as I can.

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Jose, I just discovered this great link. It has helped me find some relatives!
I'm trying to track down info on my Penilla family. All my family seems to know the same basics. 3 brothers left Spain and 1 settled in Mexico, 1 to SO. America, one to Canada (possibly went to NY instead). The names that come up are Simon, Celso and Ramon. My grandpa was Simon Penilla from Degollado, Jalisco. My grandma was Maria Amezola. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to find their ancestors. Muchas Gracias. !
Sorry for the late reply BUT Genealogy/Wise has NOT sent me any e-mails for our group! I've found many Penillas and Amezolas in Arandas but they were in the 1880s
I just recently came across this site and found not only my Grandfather's baptisim records but that of his three brothers and his two daugther's with his first wife. For many, many years I have found document after document of my Grandfather after he came into the US, this are the first documents I found of him in his home country, Mexico. This find has also expanded my family tree another two generations!



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