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does any one have any information on the Tuam Home that was once in Tuam,  it was for unmarried mothers, mothers would have their babies there and to get any information on them after that is very hard, is there any one else who may have been born there or have someone who was born there, i am going back to 1939 & 1942 as i had two relations born there, would love to hear more on this home from other people, thanks.

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Hi Siobhan,

I'm on here all evening, I'm so pleased you were able to get it, we must sort out reimbursing you! Thank you.
Dear Siobhan,

my father in law was very interested in what we found out. I've written to Galway for the records, so fingers crossed on that front! I was wondering if you know how I can find out if his mother had anymore children and if I can find out if she has died. I was thinking about you grandmother and aunt, you know if there is anything in your local library archives? Maybe school registers etc? If you think they came to England maybe I can find passenger records of them?
hi, i have searched everything this side fro both of them, we did think of passagner records-but we would have to guess the year, is there a main place in England that you can search for marriages and deaths-we dont know if either got married, regarding you father in laws mother why dont you write to the address that was on the birth cert, even if someone else is living there you may be able to trace back to when they lived there, if she is deceased you would need a rough year to be able to trace that-that is hoping she never married i.e name change, and then place of death, leave that one with me and i will work on that one for you, ok, tried changing that blueyonder E-Mail address to virgin but no luck-with and without the full stop-check it out its on under Galway Surnames (letter F) and go to Fanning, posted by a Linda Young, if you get a chance and see what you think,
catch up soon, Siobhan.
hi Elizabeth, have you written to the address in Cork, have you thought about any other roots to go down? its a tough road but its a challenge and one we want to concore, what do you make of the E-Mail address? did do ask your husband? chat soon, Siobhan.
Hi Siobhan,

I tried to email the address from my husbands email account of the same provider but no luck, I did have a thought though. What if you let the person running the Galway surnames know that the email is no good, but put a reply yourself in there saying you may know who she is etc. Linda Young may check periodically also the list administrator may be able to tell you when she added her post. The address in cork no longer exists I am planning to write to the archives at the local library. I found Elizabeth's father on the 1901/11 census and her grandparents all lived at the same address! I have written to Galway and await response. Not much to report my side. . . . yet!
hi, ya i E-Mailed them but no reply, they are on the site i was telling you to check out-Geneology Wise and i sent them a message from there but no reply, so its a waiting game, do you want me to post over the original certificate to you?
Hi Elizabeth, hope all is well, how are you getting on with your research? having no luck with mine, Siobhan.
PLs see my discussion site 'reasearching Workhose Tuam'
Hi Gerard,

please can you give us a link?


hi wonder if anyone could help me looking for my mums mum she was born in the childrens home 4th march 1936 she was named after her mother dont no who her father is with hours of research cant find anything can anyone give me info of how to get records all i ave is my mum birth cert i no the records were destroyed thats what i heard but surely someone has got something if i could find my mums mum birth cert that would be a start anyone with information could you email me please
Hi Cathy, are you just starting your search?, not all records were destroyed, the name and address of the place of the place that has the details from the Tuam home is Western Area Adoption Committee, West City Centre, Seamus Rd,, Co- Galway, Tel: 091 548430, i managed to get some details but no records of who took my dad or dad from the home were never recorded, do you know anything about your granmother i.e.mothers maiden name - if so try the births, deaths and marriages office in Castlebar in County Mayo, the address is Newantrim St. Castlebar, County Mayo, Tel: 094 9023249, best of luck, regards Siobhan.



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