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Tell about your favorite free or low-cost genealogy resources, online and off. Explain why it's a favorite and how it's been helpful in your research.

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Thank you very much. I will definitely try these.
Check out to find links to online vital, cemetery, and census records for your favorite states.
Though its value to genealogy is limited, it is a fascinating site, the Political Graveyard.
I love, too but a lot of times no one has entered any information on the person you're looking for. I am currently in the process of adding some of my relatives and my husband's relatives. It is a wonderful way to create a memorial for a loved one. for research in Sweden. Mostly in Swedish but some English hints in search form.
I really like using If you are lucky.......the county areas are full of information including cemetery listings and some biographies as well. I have finally found out where some of my relatives were buried.
My absolute favorite site is This site is maintained by the founders of Roots Web. It contains a collection of links for every county in the USA and is now branching out to Great Britain. There is also a huge collection of links to surname sites. GenWeb, Geneaology Trails and others are listed in the "projects" section. In the "cemeteries" section, both Find A Grave and Interment Net are listed along with any local sources. There is a direct link to the relevant parts of the Family History Library Catalog. And that just skims the surface. I've found links to collections of data that I would never have stumbled across otherwise.
Many good sites have been mentioned that will keep many of us busy for quite some time. I also like Find a Grave,, and have met several distant relatives and contacts through this site. Best of all, I have had good luck finding people to take photos of gravestones thousands of miles away!

For those researching in Washington state, you can't over look the following FREE site: Washington State Digital Archives at A simple surname search will bring up marriage, death, military, land and census records all together on one or more pages and many images can be printed off after downloading a plug-in.

Also, Ask a Librarian,, at the Washington State Library will "answer your questions about Washington state government, history, culture, the federal government, and genealogy." They have an email form that you fill out and send along with pertinent information. It may take a few weeks but is well worth the wait and it is FREE. They are only able to do 1 hour of research per question and would like you to submit 1 name at a time except for obituaries for which you can submit up to 3 names per request.

Thanks for starting this discussion, Cyndi
I LOVE the Washington State Digital Archives, and use it all the time to research my hubby's ancestors. If any of you are interested, we have Jerry Handfield, the Washington State Archivist and Lee Pierce, the Assistant Archivist at the Eastern Regional State Archives/State Digital Archives speaking at the Washington State Genealogical Society's state conference here in Spokane on September 11 - 13. You do not need to be a member of WSGS to attend. For more details, go here.

Oh, yeah, we'll also have Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak giving four Bruce Buzbee talking about many more fantastic presenters!
I found myself copying so many of the links posted here, that I thought I'd consolidate them. Here they are, in no particular order:

Mid-Continent Public Library
[I sent them $20 and got my non-resident library card. What a deal!!!]

Tennessee Death Certificate Indexes -- connect with volunteers who are willing to help you out for free.

Northern New York Historical Newspapers

Old Fulton (NY) Postcards -- much more than postcards here


Ohio death certificates

Bits of Blue and Gray

Norwegian Digital archive

Norwegian gravestones

French-Acadian / Louisiana roots

Missouri State Archives death certificates (over 50 years old) from 1910 through 1958

Illinois State Archives databases

Inter-Library Loan (Internet archive)

Books at Google

Arizona birth certificates (at least 75 years ago) and death certificates (at least 50 years ago).

Utah death certificates from 1904-1956.

Land Patents

New England

Find a Grave

More Graves

National State & Local Newspaper Archives

Second Life--There is a great community of Family Researchers that participate in the Chats.

Genealogy Trails

Live Roots

For African-American research:



USF Africana Heritage Project

Low Country Africana

Library & Archives Canada

Automated Genealogy--1851, 1901, 1906 and 1911 Canadian censuses

USGenWeb sites

DeadFred--A huge collection of old photos

West Virginia Vital Records Search

RB Hayes Obituary Index

Dutch/Netherlands resources

Wisconsin Vital Records

The Home of Jewish Genealogy

also: Central Database of Shoah (Holocaust) Victims' Names

Castle Garden



UK records

For Ireland - the 1911 census

Texas State Library and Archives

South Carolina Department of Archives and History

Illinois State Archives

Alabama Department of Archives and History

Arkansas History Commission and State Archives

Georgia's Virtual Vault

North Carolina State Archives

Archives of Maryland Online

Virginia Gazette, 1736-1780 at Colonial Williamsburg's site

Eastern North Carolina Digital Library

Colonial and State Records of North Carolina

Univ. of Okla.'s Western History Digital Collections

Duke Collection of American Indian Oral History

Indian-Pioneer Papers oral history

Cook County Assessors Office

Google maps

Texas Death Certificates

Dutch Door Genealogy --New Netherlands families and Rockland County, N.Y.

Pickards Pink Pages for Warwickshire England

Northamptonshire Stray Marriages website

Virginia between 1736-1803, The Geography of Slavery

Digitized Collections at the Springfield-Greene County Library--19th cent. Missouri

Genesreunited is a great resource for British information

Warwickshire page

Genealogywise is fast becoming a free favorite for me (and for us all, I might add!)

West Virginia


For UK resources this is a useful site:

Scottish Genneolgy

Free Newspaper Archives in the UK

Free Newspaper Archives in Canada

UK for the county of Cheshire

Lancashire On-line Parish Clerk

PAGenWeb for my Pennsylvania research to find access to online vital and census records

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

Jackson County, MO Department of Records

old newspaper articles from the South

newspaper archives from Western States

Though its value to genealogy is limited, it is a fascinating site, the Political Graveyard.


Links for every county in the USA
Great list, David! I hope you'll add my site, Online City, County, and Rural Directories, to it! ;-)
Yes - Great list. I was starting to freak out writing down every link not wanting to forget them and then you came along with a wonderful list.
THanks for doing this!



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