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Tell about your favorite free or low-cost genealogy resources, online and off. Explain why it's a favorite and how it's been helpful in your research.

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I'm biased, but I like the Facebook fan page on the Genealogy Network. LOL Goooo Meee LOL
I like the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Families in British India Society and also for Irish research - all free and easy to navigate for military genealogy. Also, it's the definitive guide to army museums in the UK. Helpful for researching British Army ranks and British Army regiments.
Has uploaded microfilm records of indexes and archive copies for a variety of vital records and wills from Hamilton County Ohio (Cincinnati).
Rutherford B Hayes Library has an index to over 1,500,000 obituaries, death & marriage notices, very cheap and VERY quick turnaround!
Thanks for the links!
Family Tree Magazine ( has a ton of high-quality, information-packed articles available on their site... you can find information on anything genealogy related there!
Miriam I either forgot or lost this link. Way to go. Susi
Free, find a grave has millions of graves listed. They are always looking for new transcribers to fill in the blanks. They feature photos of Headstones, sometimes photos of the people buried, and occasionally even Obituaries. These volunteers have helped me make a lot of inroads into my own family history.
for ACADIAN ancestry, I love It is FREE.
it has all the census records, changing place names, surnames etc etc of the early French settlers who built up what is now Nova Scotia beginning in the early 1600's. There are census records during and after the expulsion as well.
the site owner has done incredible amount of work and if you want more info on the surname you are sleuthing you can order a CD rom of the surname and all the info available.
I have been able to trace my husband's ancestors right to the first Frenchman to arrive in Acadia in 1660.
Thanks so much for sharing this, Dawn!
I don't understand the membership to if you pay nearly $100 to join for a year. Why are they charging another $30 to print a copy of just one article? Am I doing something wrong here---I thought joining I would be able to print copies.
Sorry, Carole...this isn't really the forum for this...this forum is to discuss free or low-cost genealogy resources. Besides, I'm not familiar with NewspaperArchives' requirements. There may be another forum here on GenealogyWise that could help you out in this area.




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