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Tell about your favorite free or low-cost genealogy resources, online and off. Explain why it's a favorite and how it's been helpful in your research.

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Is there anyway to turn this part of the website to a one page with the listings on it? I think that would be helpful..I am willing to help you if you need it.. Thanks--just too much to scroll through.

Tom...I did exactly as you suggested and made a list about midway through this thread.

Feel free to update that list, if the spirit moves you.

This one is a free one, if you need something in GA.

Georgia Vault
My favorite local genealogy research is the Owensboro Area Obituary Index put out by the Daviess County Public Library here in Owensboro, Kentucky. It is a free obituary index going back in some cases to 1842 for the area. If you had ancestors in the Western Kentucky area of Kentucky then this link ( can be helpful.
Keeps up with your documents and burial records
PC only

Bygones is a freeware software program designed to enter and keep genealogical research notes on a laptop or desktop computer.

Bygones is a computerized genealogical note-keeping system in computer database form, for genealogists with laptop or desktop computers. If you have a laptop or desktop computer available where you do research, you can record your genealogical research notes on your computer as you do your family history research. In addition to the Research database for entering research notes, Bygones also has databases which may be used for related purposes, such as: creating an “index” of the information in your research notes, keeping track of genealogical correspondence and correspondents, creating time lines for your families, creating to do lists of pending research tasks, entering information on sources that are important for your family history research, entering information on the localities you do research in, entering spelling variations and soundex codes for your surnames, and for entering scanned maps, scanned family pictures, and scanned documents.
Mac & PC

Free Trial, then $12
GenScribe is a family history research tracking and record keeping program, designed to help you plan and manage your genealogy research.

Here are some of the things you can do using GenScribe:

* Create research "to do" lists for any given venue.
* Record the actual research data that you find (GenScribe includes standard text entry fields as well as templates for the 1790-1880 and 1900-1920 U.S. censuses).
* Manage genealogy projects, including linked subprojects.
* Review research that you've done in any given source, or on any given project.
* Review research that you may wish to incorporate into a lineage-linked database.
* Keep track of your genealogy correspondence, including dates of correspondence and money that you've paid for research or to cover costs.
* Keep track of page-by-page searches for specific references in unindexed materials.
* Assign file numbers to specific research items and print cover sheets that can help you quickly locate hard copies.

GenScribe is designed to support the process of evaluating research by giving you easy access to the evidence you have gathered, as well as to help you plan where and what to look for next. GenScribe is specifically not a lineage-linked database.
Thanks for posting this info...I had not heard of these products!
I really like Family Search 101
Here is the URL for their site. - - -

Go to the bottom of the page click on the state of your choice and it will show you how the counties have changed over the years.
Also has a lot of good history and where to go for vital records for your family. It's great, take a look.
Dale, this is very cool and also timely for me personally. We were going to have a presenter come and talk about Animap to our genealogical society's computer group, but he's unable to do so. I am going to recommend this site to the group in lieu of the class. Thanks so much!
This is an Irish site restricted to Dublin and Kerry but more info from Dublin is being added. You might need to use several different spellings for the names.
This is another Irish site, restricted to Carlow but its superb and its free.
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Free West Virginia vital records online

I found a great resource the other day...and it is totally free! The West Virginia Division of Culture and History runs a web site where you can search and view birth, marriage and death records for their various counties. I am not sure how complete the collection is but it looks good to me! I was able to find the death record for one of my distant cousins; one that I could not find in the past. Their search funtion is simple and the site is very easy to use overall...(and did I mention it is free)!

The site is of particular interest to me because West Virginia broke off from Virginia in the Civil War-era. People ask me all of the time where records are located for the Virginia counties that later became part of West Virginia. Well, they were kept with the county itself and are therefore housed in West Virginia. This is a great database for finding those records; providing both an index and some actual copies of documents.

You can check it out here: West Virginia Vital Research Records

Posted by Kevin Lett at 8:00 PM
Labels: Vital Records, West Virginia
Thanks for the tip, Tammy!





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