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Tell about your favorite free or low-cost genealogy resources, online and off. Explain why it's a favorite and how it's been helpful in your research.

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A great free resource for Early Massachusetts Vital Records 1600-1849 is:

A group of volunteers has made this possible, free! See about us:

They take small donations.
Another free site in Massachusetts is the MA archives. This is an ongoing project, it includes indexes to vital records and passenger manifests.
What wonderful genealogy resources in this thread; thanks to all.

I do a lot of research in Ontario, Canada, and have found to be very helpful. It is similar to googlebooks and with emphasis on Canadian resources. When the search engine finds your results in a book, it lists the page numbers, which you click on, and it takes you directly to the page you need.

I also like the pilot site of I was able to add a new set of grandparents browsing the Bishop's Transcripts from Co. Durham, UK. Felt like I had hit the mother lode of the genealogy gold mine with these old records.

For those who need free census records, try It covers the US and several other countries. Ignore the ads and go for the freebies.

Found an interesting tidbit on the "deep web" which is supposedly not searched by the regular search engines. Use to search the "invisible" sites.

Have fun diggin' up bones, Marj
One more: have recently re-discovered Tons of Irish information on the site, with emphasis on Cork. Search engine provided keeps you from having to access every record. Their links will keep you busy for months. And everything is FREE.

I use and it's very cheap. In fact, you can start out not paying to use it at all.


Suzie is probably one of my Favorite. (its free) and I have been able to locate lots of information that has helped me solve lots of road blocks. I have also been able to locate family memebers and it has been a great avenue of information and photos that I never would have found. I am still in search for others, but most of them are expensive. I have also enjoyed GenealogyWise, because it has given me information and other avenues of research that I otherwise would not have had. I was able to find someone that could translate an old Greek Document for me that aided me in locating information about my Mother's family that I did not know about since the document was in Greek!. and
I haven't followed the enitre discussions but I haven't seen these two mentioned that are free.
First is the national archives which has a wealth of information from all areas:
The other is the General Land Office of the Bureau of Land Management.
The web address is This site has a millons of records of early land bounties and homestead claims.

Since this has been such a great thread, I thought I'd add another resource, and bump the whole thing back into view.

Anyway, there's a good list of Free Vital Record look-ups, for anyone who's interested.

Thanks, David!





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