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Tell about your favorite free or low-cost genealogy resources, online and off. Explain why it's a favorite and how it's been helpful in your research.

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For Dutch/Netherlands resources in the Zeeland area, I found a lot of useful information here:

Even though you have to pay for actual copies, Wisconsin Vital Records allows you to search it's record collection. You can even get some basic info from the searches.
I wanted to keep all my cemetery resources in one place and have them accessible to other people too, so I made a simple Web page of them. They aren't all free and I do take suggestions but I think people might benefit from knowing where it is:
I forgot to mention "". It includes many, many resources where you may find information. Specifically, click on "Texts", then slide down and click on "Additional Collections", then slide down and click on "Genealogy". It includes many, many family histories and other books for genealogists. When you find what you want, go to the box on the left and "view the book". You are given several options of how to view. You can even download. Happy searching!
Great! Thanks.

Sandy Jacques said:
Try It's free.
I tried to use this web site and it immediately hit me up for a fee to view search results.
I'm sorry, I meant, William, not Richard. Was it or
Those are 2 GREAT sites for upstate New York!!!

Reply by Thomas MacEntee 1 day ago

My absolute favorites and necessary for anyone researching 19th and 20th century upstate New York ancestors:

Northern New York Historical Newspapers ( - free digitized newspapers for Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego and St. Lawrence Counties

Old Fulton Postcards ( - free digitized newspapers for Mohawk Valley and Finger Lakes newspapers and more! and are wonderful sites. The first link here is into the Polish records, which are kept very well.
I have also used Heritage Quest at through a remote access from my local library as well as the NY Times Archives through the same remote access.
Castle Garden is helpful as well
And of course, there is Facebook! I actually joined Facebook when a distant cousin showed up on Google as having a Facebook page. Then I joined MySpace too.
I have also used GenCircles
Richard...thanks for highlighting my site,

You'd be surprised how much traffic your one post has created :-) I've been researching and compiling free online newspaper archives for years now, and think I've got the best list available. There are hundreds of resources here, both in the US and internationally. I hope y'all will drop on by. If anyone knows of resources that should be added, just drop me a line through the Contact Us form at my site.

Thanks all, and happy researching.

Hi David, Hope its OK, I've included it ( as a link on my toolbar under InPrint - Newspapers
Yes!! I try to add genealogical or historical info when I can find it. Some appreciate the effort, some do not.

Caroline Pointer said:
I really like using It's not complete, but sometimes you can find some very useful genealogical clues.

For UK records try this is a searchable database of the BMD indices from 1837ish to early 1900's

For Ireland - the 1911 census can be searched and viewed at

I've used both quite extensively and found them both really useful.



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