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What is your current goal? What line are you focusing on? Are you creating a one-name study or trying to break down a brick wall to go further back in a line?

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My main goal right know in Genealogy to get break on my mom's side of the family. I've had more luck with my father's side of the family.
I have information and the documents on my grandfather that came from Polestina Italy.
Its wife side thats given me headaches and pulling out hair.
They came out of Carter Co. Ky.
John Lunsford born 1830 died after 1900 census in Carter Co. Ky. Was married two times
Nancy stephens in 1854 in Carter Co. KY. Had one son James Lunsford. I've been putting this family together over the past couple of years.
Then John Lunsford married Amelia Ann Sexton after 1860 in Carter Co. Ky. *This is my line* All I have on them is census records only from 1870-1900 all in Carter Co. Ky.
Mary M. Lunsford-John Osborne
Margaret Lunsford- Aaron Loar *my line* Aaron parents were Moses Loar and Luvania don't know her last name.
Emma Lunsford-George Herron
Henry Lunsford
Robert Lunsford.

I have some information on them too but not much. If I could get this straighten out me would be a happy camper..

To complete an 8 generation circle chart for all my son's ancestors. Paynes, Hills, Bursell and Gibbins in Devon, Tate and White in Hampshire are my brickwalls to this goal
Hi Jennifer-

I have many lines going, I'm helping my 4th cousin once removed work on her DAR application, and starting to put together a 'scrapbook' of my LaCour/Kimball lines for my grandmother, who will be 84 this October, and always searching for the parents of my FIL's great grandfather, William A. Lavelle. ;)
My goal is to break down a brick wall...follow each line back as far as possible. I dont have a lot of time at the moment to totally commit but what I have found in the past just blows me away I definately have the bug.



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