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I am trying to find childhood/early adulthood information on William R. Pitts born in Saratoga County, NY on 9 May 1815. I have not been able to find anything to confirm the birth information. Unfortunately at some point in his early childhood both of his parents died (names of whom I do not know). It is my understanding that William went to live with William and Jane (McCrea) Cramer. William married Anne Fisher 25 Jan 1835 in Dryden, Tompkins, NY. I received all this information from a distant relative but without any sources. I have tried to get this information from her but have had no luck. Unfortunately NY didn't get birth or marriage records at this time. Both Saratoga and Tompkins Counties state that they didn't have anything older than what was given to the State. I can't find anything up to and including William's marriage. 


I was watching a tv show that mentioned the New England Genealogical Society. I went to their website and found results when I searched for both William Pitts and William Cramer but I can't view any of the information because I am not a member.


Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks.

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Have you contacted the Dreyden Historical Society? When my Aunt was alive she did a lot of organizing and recording for them and said they have a nice collection of informtion.
I thought I did but I can find no record of that contact right now. Thanks I'll go ahead and check with them (maybe again haha).





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