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Everyone needs a laugh once in a while. So here are my list of excuses as why I can't find my ancestors.


1. My ancestors were the original Cabbage Patch Kids.


2. They came from outer space.


3. They took the slow boat and haven't gotten here yet.


4. The captain of the ship was a man and wouldn't ask for directions.


5. I haven't found the rock they crawled out from under.


6. They were in a witness protection program.


7. All my ancestors had daughters and all my lines "daughtered out"


Feel free to add to these.



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Awww, that's sweet of you. I haven't joined any of the pay groups, and that limits me. Also I have been remiss in not going and doing the public records search here in Detroit, where my family immigrated to. All my research has been online. Amazing what you can find here. My mother is Old Virginia on both sides. Her mother was from Missouri. We relate to Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Chief Justice John Marshall etc. Some of those lines are well researched back into England all the way to Charlemagne and William the Conqueror. My parents must have had a bit of a mixed marriage. Flyboy back from the war and southern girl meet in New York City.
This is my Dad on back"
24 Sep 2010 Ancestors of William Czygan III Page 1
Ahnentafel Chart for William Czygan III
First Generation
1. William Czygan III was born on 29 Apr 1925 in Detroit MI. He died in Jul 1978 in Detroit MI.
The cause of death was Scirrosis.
William married Lois Lenore Richards daughter of Frank Dabney Richards and Evangeline
Potter in 1951 in New York City. Lois was born on 12 May 1925 in Pensacola FL. She died
in Feb 1983 in Royal Oak MI.
Second Generation
2. William A. Czygan Jr. was born on 23 Oct 1894 in Detroit MI. He died in May 1980 in
Detroit MI. He married Francoise Josephine Metzelder "Immigrant" on 14 Oct 1922.
3. Francoise Josephine Metzelder "Immigrant" was born on 6 Mar 1902 in Heiteren Alsace
France. She died in Feb 1968.
Third Generation
4. William Czygan "Immigrant" was born in 1857 in Prussia. He died after 1930. He married
Dorothea M. Koter "Immigrant" in 1892.
5. Dorothea M. Koter "Immigrant" was born in Prussia.
6. Pierre Francois Metzelder "Immigrant" was born on 4 Jul 1858. He died on 26 Mar 1920 in
Heiteren Alsace France. He married Marie Anne Dirninger "Immigrant" on 11 May 1886 in
Heiteren Alsace France.
7. Marie Anne Dirninger "Immigrant" was born on 17 Sep 1865 in Heiteren, Haut-Rhin,
Fourth Generation
8. John Czygan.John married Mary.
24 Sep 2010 Ancestors of William Czygan III Page 2
9. Mary.
10. ? Koter.
12. ? Metzelder.
14. Antoine Dirninger was born on 10 Oct 1847 in Riedwihr, Haut-Rhin, France. He died about
6 Nov 1919. He married Marie Anne Vogelbacher on 8 Jun 1865 in Heiteren, Haut-Rhin,
15. Marie Anne Vogelbacher was born on 7 Dec 1841 in Heiteren, Haut-Rhin, France. She
died on 13 Apr 1920 in Heiteren, Haut-Rhin, France.
Fifth Generation
30. Christopher Vogelbacher was born on 22 May 1811 in Malsch, Baden-Württemberg,
Germany. He died on 24 Apr 1873 in Heiteren, Haut-Rhin, France. He married Gertrude
Rudinger on 15 Jun 1840 in Heiteren, Haut-Rhin, France.
31. Gertrude Rudinger was born on 19 Jul 1806 in Heiteren, Haut-Rhin, France.
24 Sep 2010 Ancestors of William Czygan III Page 3
Name No. Page Name No. Page
, Mary 9 2
Czygan, John 8 1
Czygan, William III(b.1925) 1 1
Czygan, William "Immigrant"(b.1857) 4 1
Czygan, William A. Jr.(b.1894) 2 1
Dirninger, Antoine(b.1847) 14 2
Dirninger, Marie Anne I(b.1865) 7 1
Koter, ? 10 2
Koter, Dorothea M. "Immigrant" 5 1
Metzelder, ? 12 2
Metzelder, Francoise J I(b.1902) 3 1
Metzelder, Pierre Francois I(b.1858) 6 1
Rudinger, Gertrude(b.1806) 31 2
Vogelbacher, Christopher(b.1811) 30 2
Vogelbacher, Marie Anne(b.1841) 15 2
Re-stepmother - My great grandfather came to this country from Braunschweig (Brunswick) Germany just before the US Civil War. He came with his sister Augusta and brothers Henry and William. Augusta was essentially a mail order bride with an arranged marriage to a much older man, Henry Kleffman of York PA. My mom always said they left Germany because their mother had died and their father had remarried and they couldn't get along with their step-mother. Sounds like something harsh to do. Also sounds like the old evil step-mother story.
Wow! Maybe she couldn't afford one?
Oh, that's a great one! Pretty much the same about the Prussians, don't know if they were Catholic. My gggrandpa, Franklin Brightenburg, had a tot to drink and fell asleep in front of a train. They spelled his name about three different ways in the newspaper articles. A cousin found the surname even listed as Putenbag in the 1860 census, and about a dozen other ways since. And we STILL haven't found all of them. BTW, I'd love to know more about how the Germans/Prussians/etc. ended up here--I know there was a war in the mid eighteen hundreds which eventually unified Germany, but there was a lot of confusion going on about that time, about which place was in which country.
If anyone has hit a brick wall researching in Ireland or the Netherlands, I offer help, for free of course :)
I should check to see if I have any relatives named Beldar or Primat and if they come from Remulac. (Remember the Coneheads) or if I have any Klingon DNA (Star Trek)
Should be easy with the invention of the Klingon-English dictionary ;)
My grandfather's name was John Collins and he was from a place in Ireland called Tooreen. Last time I checked there were 42 places in Ireland called Tooreen. Tooreen means, "little green field."

It has become the joke in my household, if you want to hide your son in Ireland, name him John Collins, and stick him in a place called Tooreen.

Oh and by the way a man named John Collins was probably married to somebody called Mary McCarthy and there were 5 other John Collinses married to 5 Mary McCarthys in the same general area at the same time and they were all about the same age and they all gave their kids pretty much the same names and they were all cousins.
LOL! Love it! I'm sure it's a pickle though.
I actually have a John Collins in my family. Married to Cecelia Burns, my grandmother's sister.
Boy!!! You really have had hard researching! Does keep one busy, like forever. I smile, now realizing that many others have experienced the same frustrations I have. Just had to comment. Shirley Vreeland



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