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Who are your Dutch ancestors? Have you been able to trace them into The Netherlands? Where did they come from?

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I am descended from Lambert VanValkenburgh, son of Andries of Valkenburg, Netherlands, and Annetie Jacobs of Schleswig, Holstein who were married in Amsterdam in 1642 and came to North America in 1644. I'm in the first branch of the family, from their first son, Jochem Lambertse.
my dutch family have been traced back to 1564 by cousin Kees Onclin living in village of Tuil He has done all the research. My family name is Onclin-fathers mother VanTuil.We have living in Baarn cousin Diny Imthorn-Onclin & family. also Tony Imthorn in Bunschoten.My father Hubert Onclin immigrated to canada in 1927 to Ontario. My mother,s family were Boes. Johanna Boes daughter of Cornelus Boes & Maria Eijsvogel. they also imigrated to Canada province Winnipeg Manitoba in 1899.There were 6 children & believe it the Mother & father died several month,s after imigrating to winnipeg. The children were split up to live with several was a tragidy.

We have been to holland several times & love it & the people.
we live in Ontario Canada a place called owen Sound we are surrounded by water as Holland it is a smaller city very pretty. Diann rodger-Onclin
Hi Donna I have some OpDenGraeffs in my tree who settled in the NY/NJ/PA area. I don't know where they came from, though.
My Dutch ancestors are van der Zanden and Houweling. My great grandfather, Leonardus van der Zanden married Petronella Houweling in about 1898 and had 4 children in Holland. They then went to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. After a few years and a few more children, they joined her brother, Cornelis Houweling, in Chicago.
I've inherited a family tree of the POT family who lived in Papendrech/Slikkerveer area of South Holland. It goes back to the 17th Century and is strong on dates but lacks any background stories behind the names. I'm astonished to learn how the same forenames are repeated over and over again in each new generation. For example I have discovered at least ten different "Joost Pot" on the tree. Saskia
Hallo Henk,
My ancestors were almost all Dutch, but my mother's paternal side came from Uelsen, Germany, just over the border near Tubbergen, and were Dutch speaking. I've traced them back to 1660. My father's paternal side came from Overijssel (Heino,Wijhe, Raalte) and I've tracked them back to the early/mid 1700s. The patroniemen are the difficulty, as you know, before 1811. My grandfather emigrated from Enschede to Michigan just before WW1, his whole family doing the same except two oldest brother who remained in the Netherlands. In 1989, I emigrated back to the Netherlands from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The house my great, great, great grandfather Hendrikus Gerrits built in 1802 in Heino still stands, as it is a monument in pristine condition today, and looks better now than then, I am certain.

My maternal sides were also Dutch, although I haven't traced them as thoroughly yet. My wife is an Amsterdamse, and both her sides are Dutch as well. Enough genealogy work to keep me busy. I do run two family clubs (paternal sides) on Yahoo, and am in contact with many of the extended family.

I'm looking forward to what appears here and am somewhat fluent in Dutch as well.
I forgot to mention the main family names I'm following: Duthler, Van der Scheer, Massellng/Masselink and Peters. And other branches as my relatives request them, as I am the 'family historian'.
I LOVE this house!!

What a treasure you have!

I have had so much luck on Genlias! My grandfather was Dutch and came to Rochester, NY in 1923 with his sisters and mother. His father came the year before. There is his mother's line- Kanij (now Kany) which includes Huijs, van Vliet, Verwijs, Vellekoop, Schrijnders, Vermijs, and van Schelte. Also, his father's line- Leijdecker(now Leydecker), van Dugteren, Masthoff, Rouijer, Kneijp, Cornelisse, Vleijsman, van der Wedden, Bongaards, Hoofts, Boers, Mooij, and Beyer. I've got some of that line back to the 1700s.
The Leijdecker line came from Utrecht and before that Nijmegen. The Kanij line was from Delft.
I am still working on it but my wife's ancestors VIS are from Gelderland and Friesland but I have not started on the RORIJE side yet but I believe they also came from around the Gelderland region. I was lucky with her Fathers side, KIKKERT as there is a Kikkert Family group and they had the family tree following the male side back into the early 1700's.

David Moore
I haven't had to do much work to find my Dutch ancestors - a cousin already had done it! :) I am descended from the Van Woggelum and Roll families that were in New Netherlands in the mid-1600's. Information about these families can be found at the excellent website:





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