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Who are your Dutch ancestors? Have you been able to trace them into The Netherlands? Where did they come from?

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I am looking for the family of Jan ESSELING van Hasseling, VoC soldier (1754-1760) & tailor (1761-1790) in Cape of Good Hope. Born (we believe) in Hesselingen (today, in Meppel,Drenthe,NDL), he joined VoC in Zeeland in 1753, arrived on the Visvliet in 1754, became a freeman in 1760. Outside the Tailor citation in his burgher papers request in the Precises of the Archives, all the above information is from company records in The Hague. None giving his patronym, parents or Cape dependants.

I now believe it is his family (seeking SAF mariage & births) that head for New Brunswick Canada after Cape Town is occupied from 1795 - date which corresponds to their showing up on our shores circa 1795-1797. Later records call them Dutch, some almost forgotten family lore mentionned South Africa. Few records are kept where they settle until the late 1810s, so their ducomented origins are very scant.


The surname is not understood by the French priests early on, and many variants appeared: Eslinger, Elsliger, Esligar, Sligar, Sleigher, Sleguer...

Church books from Meppel are indexed on Drenlias, did you already search their database?
Yes, but nothing conclusive. At best it may point us toward Hokseberg, he may be a son of the Arent Jans Hesseling in there...
my Dutch ancestors are as follows: George Meyer,John Meyer,Pietga Haitsma,Adrain Cook,Thys Waardenberg,Jesse Bylsma,Lewis VanKampen   I have not been able to go back any further than their immigration to the US.  I have been told I still have family there on the VanKampen side.

Hi Sande,

Did you already have a look at the Friesland records on Tresoar and Alle Friezen?

If you give us some detailed info on your immigrant ancestors we may be able to help you find them.

My Dutch ancestors were my 9 greats grandparents Pieter Adrienze Van Woggelum and his wife Grietie, They immigrated from the Village of Woggelum in the Province of Alkmar, in the Netherlands to  the colony of New Amsterdam in the1650's Pieter was one of the early proprietors of Schenectady ca. 1661. He acquired the name Soogemacylic which, in Dutch, means So Easy Going. Pieter was a tavern keeper,and was jailed for not paying the exciso on the tavern. An alms box for the poor was in the tavern.  I will be, forever, grateful to a  coworker of mine, Mr. Scott Hotaling and his parents Don and Anne Hotaling, for giving me bountiful information and DOCUMENTATION on my Dutch heritage, which I formerly, only had a vague awareness of. They presented to me a genealogically priceless document which had only recently been translated from Dutch by the New Netherland Society. It is the record of a court case in Albany, New York, dated September 11, 1683..In this case Grietie VanWoggelum sued some women for perpetuatiog a rumor that she had been sleeping with a man named Andreas Bradt " a.k.a. Andreas the Noorman". The case is very hilarioes with all of the fussing and cursing done by the women. Grannie Grietie lost the case, because it could not be proven that she had been slandered. Andreas Bradt was related to my coworker. It is  quite remarkable that the Bradts and the VanWoggelums have descendants on the faculty at the same school in Chicago, Illinois,which is Ray Graham Training Center. My qualifying ancestor for the Sons of the American Revolution was Jacob Strawn (1717-1800), my 5 greats grandfather. My 5 greats grandmother Christiana Pursell Strawn (1725-1807) was a granddaughter of Christiana VanWoggelum ( bapt. 1667),who was a granddaughter of Pieter and Grietie VanWoggelum.

Hello, Cousin!


I am also a 9th-great-grandchild of Pieter Adrienze Van Woggelum, through his daughter Tryntje who married Jan Mangelse, the progenitor of the Roll family in America. Their grandson, John Roll, and 2 of his sons fought in the American Revolutionary War, in New Jersey.


I would be thrilled to know anything more you've discovered about our Van Woggelum ancestors!



Hi Cuz !!

It has been said, by many, that the wife of Pieter Van Woggelum was a Mohawk Indian. She was probably a concubine. Wife or concubine, I do not descend from her. Pieters son, Jan Pieterson VanWoggelum, from whom I descend ,was born in 1647 in the Netherlands . Until I saw the minutes of the session of the Court in Albany which was held on Sept.11,1683, I never knew the name of Pieters wife. I, affectionately, call her Grannie Grietie. As I previously mentioned, this document was just recently translated from Dutch by the New Netherland Project ( In my previous reply I ,erroneously, stated it as the New Netherland Society.). If you would like a copy of this document,please give me your HOME MAILING ADDRESS so I can send it to you by snail mail, as I am not sophistocated in the skills of " COMPUTERLOGY " and do not know how to scan. This document is genealogically invaluable,as Pieter is mentioned , BY NAME, as being Grieties husband, and PRESENT at the court session.

                                                                               All best,




Hi Cuz Jeanie,

Here is my direct VanWoggelum line of descent:


Adrien Joosten  m.  Anneke Pieters ( d. 1669 )

Pieter Adrienze ( alias # 1- VanWoggelum ) ( alias # 2- Soogemacylic )  m.  Grietie  {1}

Jan Pietersen VanWoggelum (1647-1719)  m. Styntie Jans ( d. 1683 )

Christiana VanWoggelum (bapt.1667)  m.  Thomas Pursell

John Pursell ( b. 1690)  m.  Hanna ______

Christiana Pursell (1725-1807)  m.  Jacob Strawn (1717-1800)   {2}

Thomas Strawn (1742-1814)   m.  Sophia______ (d.1826)

Jacob Strawn (1790-1860)  m.  Mildred Vanlandingham (1800-1857)

Joseph Strawn (b. ca.1839)       cohabited with     Cornelia Gordon  ( b. ca. 1846)   {3}

Arthur Strawn (1861-1923)  m.  Mary Graves (1865-1937)

Dr. Estil Strawn (1887-1951)  m.  Ruth Endicott  (1895-1967)

Cornelia Strawn (1917-living)  m. Goler Collins (1914-1966)

                                 Alvin Collins (1950-living)


{1} Pieters demeanor was so benign that he acquired the name Soogemacylic. This was an adjective, in Dutch, meaning so easy going. It should be noted that he had an alms box for the poor in his tavern.


{2} Jacob Strawn (1717-1800) served on the Bucks County, Pennsylvania Safety Committee which was organized to give aid to refugees of the Boston Massacre. His service qualified me for membership in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. ( national # 137377)

{3} The races in this line, of mine, merged with the birth of Arthur Strawn on March 5,1861.  His mother Cornelia Gordon ( 1846) was the daughter of the Boone County, Missouri judge James Madison Gordon (1810-1875) and his free live in mulatto mistress Henrietta Robinson (b. ca. 1815). She can be seen, by name, in the 1860 Boone County, Missouri Census Schedules as living free in James Gordons household. James Gordons father, David Gordon (1770-1849), was one of the founders of Columbia, Missouri. 











Hi cousin, If my calculations are correct we are 6th cousins on my Dad's side. I am also descended from Jan (John ) Pursell and Hannah through their son Johnathan who married Esther, not sure about her surname. Glad to get to know another cousin. I have more early Dutch ancestors on both my paternal and maternal lines, some names are Vanhouten, Dekay, Stol, Van Neste, Hendricks, Van Vliet, Rapaljie, Stoothof, Quick,Cool,Edsall (not originally Dutch but was very involved with the politics of New Amsterdam around the time of Jacob Leisler revolt. ) However I am somewhat confused when researching these early settlers because brothers would often adobt different surnames. Also as I am new at this I am not always sure I have the proper documentation or line. Any suggestions how to keep this all straight. Mary Gretzschel

I have several Dutch ancestors on my father's side of the family. 


The surnames I am focusing so far for my Dutch ancestors are:






I am still doing a lot of my research on the United States side and haven't yet jumped into trying to research overseas yet.  I want to wait until I can find where each  immigrant ancestor came from before I try that.

Good Luck its alot of fun and this group is sooo helpful.Henk helped me trace my Dutch ancestors into Friesland,I'm still working on the Cook side.





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