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Ignatius, anyone? How about Clotilde?

One of the best aspects of genealogy research, for me at least, is learning some of the names my ancestors saw fit to bestow upon their children. When I first started and I found my 4th g grandfather Micah and his sister Silence, I was fascinated. Now, I know that naming conventions change over time and vary greatly with geography and other factors. (I also have a pet theory about the name Silence... In my family it always seems to have been given to the 11th or 12th child, so I believe that it was wishful thinking.)

Still, some names just jump out at you. My current favorites are:

Clotilde LeGrand (1st cousin twice removed)
Bezaleel Howe (b.1750 MA,d.1825 NY - 4th g grand uncle) (his son was also Bezaleel)
Ignatius Malloy (b. after 1845 - 1st cousin 3 times removed)

and my winner... S. Imogene Addison (b. abt 1820 - 1st cousin 4 times removed.) I think that the "S" was for Silence...

So what are your favorite names?

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Do you suppose your great-grandpa changed the spelling for his son because he was tired of being called "the Other Spade"? As for Acey and Jack... I love a family with a good sense of humor.
Gosh, I have so many in my family. Jewan, Itaska, Benbow, Ova Mae, Titania, Meridy (male), Levadia, Haytine, Issidona, Theodosia, Zipporah, Oberah, Fairelander, Arzilla, Alzira. They also loved to name people after states. For example I have a Nevada, Iowa, Arizona, Kansas. I could go on and on.
Wow Tina! That's quite a list! You have more than a few that I've never heard before. As a matter of fact, except for Titania, Ova Mae, possibly Theodosia, and the state names, I've never heard any of those. Are they specific to a nationality?

Also, I'd love to know the surnames that go with the state names. You have to appreciate a family that's that patriotic!
wow. just wow.
No problem, Jill. Is "Sara" the surname for Hezekiah (in reply to the question that Tina asked?)
Unfortunately I have not had that luck in my mother's Irish family tree. We are full of Marys, Ellens, Margarets, Johannas, Noras, Kates, Daniels, Denises, Johns, Michaels, Corneliuses, etc, and they keep repeating through generations. The only variety I've seen is an occasional Patrick, Humphrey, or Lawrence. I think even they were confusing themselves as my grandmother's brother Denis was nicknamed "Bob" - maybe that was in desperation.

It is a real challenge talking to my elderly aunt about genealogy. It gets crazy, and at times amusing. Granddad's paternal grandfather was Michael, he had a paternal uncle Michael, a brother Michael, and at least two Michael nephews that I know about. All of them Michael Collins. So in our conversations it's "Double House Michael" or "Tooreen Michael" or "Micky Humphrey" to try and distinguish them.

I very recently discovered my matrilineal great grandmother's nuclear family and I was thrilled to see she had a sister named Annie and another called Bridget ! It was a nice change of pace. : )

Fortunately my cousins have been far more innovative in naming their kids.
I was laughing out loud reading this, Susan. I have a similar issue on my mom's Irish side, where there are dozens of Jameses... including (in the current generations) my brother, an uncle and several cousins. :)
Favor name was actually my grandma's name, Keziah. She made me promise not to name any of my daughters with her name.
She didn't like it?
No, she never did. However, it was a family name that carried down though my Cecil line. Everyone loved to ask her about her name and where it came from. Deb
Elusyan Dodd
Wow - that first name stumped Google completely. Do you know what the origin is?



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