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Ignatius, anyone? How about Clotilde?

One of the best aspects of genealogy research, for me at least, is learning some of the names my ancestors saw fit to bestow upon their children. When I first started and I found my 4th g grandfather Micah and his sister Silence, I was fascinated. Now, I know that naming conventions change over time and vary greatly with geography and other factors. (I also have a pet theory about the name Silence... In my family it always seems to have been given to the 11th or 12th child, so I believe that it was wishful thinking.)

Still, some names just jump out at you. My current favorites are:

Clotilde LeGrand (1st cousin twice removed)
Bezaleel Howe (b.1750 MA,d.1825 NY - 4th g grand uncle) (his son was also Bezaleel)
Ignatius Malloy (b. after 1845 - 1st cousin 3 times removed)

and my winner... S. Imogene Addison (b. abt 1820 - 1st cousin 4 times removed.) I think that the "S" was for Silence...

So what are your favorite names?

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I have a Hezekiah. What's the surname?
Mahershallalhash Baz Hasbaz GORTON, daughter of Samuel Gorton a Xgreat grandfather. She was called "Maher". Apparently Samuel wanted her to learn her "letters" and Bible at an early age.
I can understand wanting a child to learn her letters - but all of them at the same time?

By the way, what's the Bible reference - I admit to being stumped on that.
My mother who was born in Puerto Rico was name Clotilde Cuevas Roman from Utuado, Puerto Rico
So you share one of my favorites!
My husband's great aunt Catherine Wallace married Ulysses Grant Ogles (born 1863 to Union supporters in Morgan Co, IN). Their marriage record listed him as General Ogles. When he wasn't clowning about, he answered to "Grant."
His wife must have loved him putting that on their marriage record!
My very favorite is Baralby Rolly Bumby Spain. Top that!

Ms. Gerry Hill-Albany Ga.
My Father-in-law was Boleslog Ziemecki-so I have dealt with "different" ones-especially in the Polish genealogy. (His wife was Genewofa Szymanski) (His Mother was Hanaki Hazewska) But these, of course would not be difficult to Polish People!
I don't think I can top that. Where did the name Baralby Rolly Bumby Spain come from?
Well I sure have some that stand out in my mind:

Glumdalclitch Swaheehow (supposedly an Indian name)
Bathsheba Hussey
Flewellyn -I just love this one, all sorts of ancestors passed this name around

Those are a few highlights of my favs or unusual ones. I keep telling my hubby that I wish we'd had the family tree list before we named our boys!
Flewellyn is great, but I think I have to go with Bathsheba Hussey (again, you have to wonder if the parents saw the humor.)

I have a feeling that your husband is probably glad that you didn't have the family tree when you named your boys (and I bet the boys are glad, too.)
One of my favorites, not unusual, just lyrical...Mercy Hersey !



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