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I'm scanning a whole stack of vital records.  How should I save them?  Should I scan and save them as photos (.jpg or .png)?  Of should I scan and save them as documents (.pdf or .rtf)?  I know they'll be much smaller files if I scan them as documents, but I have plenty of storage space so I'm not concerned about file size.  What I am concerned about it quality, and which way is the best way to digital preserve these vital records for prosperity. Any advice will be welcomed.  Thanks.

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I'm done and out of this. You appear to have a lot of time on your hands and want to use it to argue.

Thanks, Kate.  I agree with you.  Now that you've confirmed what I was taught, I will continue to scan my documents as .pdf files.  But instead of also scanning and saving them as .png files, I will take your advice and use .tiff instead.

Hi Chris,

Perhaps you would like to join Erin Bradford this evening for her chat, the last of her series about Preservation: Tools and Resources.  She'll be available for questions on the other topics she talked about as well, including her chat on preserving digital media which she did last week, which may address some of your questions.  Then, you are invited to stay in the room for general chat.  We'd love to meet you.  Here's the link to the chat topics:



Melinda has a great suggestion.  Erin is really informative and always answers questions after her chat. 

Chris W.

I just save them out in the smallest dpi I can in .jpg.  No need to get technical about vital records.  Although you have plenty of "space" now, you will find over time if you save a lot of records that are large in "size" you will load up your computer.  I for one save out my files as printed docs and keep as paper trails but certainly not everything!  Then there is the case to be said as how you are going to back up your files as well?  You don't want tons of large files to have to back up either.  No need to save out docs in the best format.  I don't save everything that comes along either.  I do not feel it is at all necessary as long as you source everything. 



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