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I'll start. I get a chance to associate with people who share a common interest. I have become friends with them over the years based first on that common association. Because many of us do not have family members to share our passion for family history, it's often hard to find someone to talk to about it or our research or discoveries. At my local society, we all share those interests and values. I get (and get to give) other things which I will post here later. What can you add?

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One of the best organized and expressed discussion of genealogical societies and how they are and can offfer benfits to members is in a blog post at Elyse's Genealogy Blog ( ). It directly and indirectly talks about the challenge of getting younger persons involved in genealogy and our societies. This is a challenge as we have members of many years who are not comfortable with the new technologies which are now useful for society groups. I recommend you take a look at Elyse's Genealogy Blog.
I read Elyse's blog posts several days ago and it was certainly nice to see there are younger people out there interested in genealogy. I didn't know about the Youth Genealogy Association either.
I have attended meetings where I felt like the odd woman out and they weren't necessarily genealogical societies. I think that most people, no matter what age they are, feel somewhat uncomfortable in an new situation. Most of us don't like to go somewhere alone or where we don't know anyone. For that reason, societies should make a special effort to make newcomers feel welcome, want to participate, feel they gain something from attending, and want to come back. Most societies I know of would be very excited to have some tech smart younger people offer their help with a society website, blog, etc. We'd be thrilled to have them teach us what they know too!
It was also mentioned, as did someone who commented on the posts, that one of the reasons for not joining a local society is that she doesn't have any of her own families from that area. I've heard this 'excuse' alot. The benefits of joining a local society don't have anything to do with what locality your research is centered in. Joining a local society provides, friendship, education and the ability to contribute to the genealogical community.



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