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I'm a day late but here is the challenge for the week:

Scrap information about an important day without using photos of the people involved. This could be a wedding, confirmation, naturalization day, whatever, but find ancestors you don't have photos of, and scrap something about an important day in their lives.

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I've gone more with an important life-changing event rather than a specific date, since I'm not sure of the date. I think that Joseph's situation is terribly timely. I really like the bleakness of the photo. I found it at the LOC website.

Oh yes, this is a great photo to illustrate this life changing event. Great job! Thanks for sharing.
Love the photograph, Mary. And your scrapbook page. Tells a graphic tale, doesn't it?
This is an excellent first attempt Kristine. The only suggestion I would make is to add a bit of shadowing on your elements to give them a bit of depth. But this is fine as it is, and thank you for sharing.
I like the way you handled this page, Kristine. It is simple but lovely and is a great way to preserve this ceremony for their descendants.
Both posted so far look great! I had to think on this one a bit. I had something in my head, but it didn't translate quite the way I saw it. Part of me thinks it's lacking something, at the same time there is so much there I was afraid of having too much. Anyway, here it is. The story of the immigration of my 6th great grandparents from Germany to the states in 1737.
I love the ones with stories, Sherri, and I don't think you put in too much at all. It's neat and uncrowded, very nice. Thank you for sharing.
Sherri, I enjoyed reading this page about your ancestors. I liked the way you've used different papers for the background and especially like the blue one under the picture of the ships. Very good work.

I did this page several years ago and love the drape but it is a small resolution and was pixilated. Playing around I decided to posterize the layer. I have many photos of Papa but not from this day. It was a very important day to him and Mama my grandparents from Denmark.
This is a really neat way to showcase their Naturalization certificate. I love the drape, too. You do a great job with your pages, Marcia.
I think the low res of the drapes actually adds to the flavor of this piece. I love it. Thanks for sharing.
I found these cards that were given to my sister and her husband on the day of their wedding. I had just discovered digital scrapbooking and loved playing around with the cards and some of the embellishments and papers in "A Mother's Love" by Marie Stones at and "Winter Wonderland" by Darlene Haughin for Stone Accent Studios at

I wrote a short post about the pages in my blog Genealogy Traces. I hope you enjoy them.






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