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Here are a few of the upcoming collections scheduled for release on FamilySearch Record Search in the future:


United States

-Illinois, Archdiocese of Chicago, Catholic Church Parish Records 18...
-Louisiana, Orleans, Parish Estate Files Index 1804-1846
-Maryland, Probate Estate and Guardianship Files 1796-1940
-New Hampshire, Statewide Deaths 1901-1948
-New York, 1875 State Census
-New York, Kings County, Estate Records 1866-1923
-Puerto Rico, Civil Registration 1836-2001
-Rhode Island, 1925 State Census
-Rhode Island, 1935 State Census
-South Dakota, 1935 State Census
-United States, 1860 Census Mortality Schedule
-Vermont, Town Records 1850-2005


-Canada, Census 1871 – English – Mortality Schedule
-Canada, Census 1871 – French – Mortality Schedule
-Nova Scotia, Archdiocese of Antigonish, Catholic Church Parish Reco...
-Toronto, Trust Cemeteries 1826-1935


-Durango, Catholic Church Parish Records 1627-1978
-Yucatan, Merida, Catholic Church Priests’ Applications for the Mini...



-Archdiocese of Cordoba, Catholic Church Parish Records 1557-1970


-Paraiba, Civil Registration 1870-1984
-São Paulo, Cemetery Records 1870-1984


-Concepcion Province, Civil Registration 1885-1932


-Antioquia, Medellin, Diocese of Sonson-Rionegro, Catholic Church Pa...
-Archdiocese of Cartagena, Catholic Church Parish Records 1800-1984
-Archdiocese of Santa Fe of Antioquia, Catholic Church Parish Record...
-Santander, Archdiocese of Bucaramanga, Catholic Church Parish Recor...
-Santander, Diocese of Malaga-Soata, Catholic Church Parish Records ...


-Catholic Church Parish Records 1821-1920
-Civil Registration 1877-present


United Kingdom

-England and Wales, 1851 Census Population Schedules
-England and Wales, 1871 Census Population Schedules
-England and Wales, 1881 Census Population Schedules
-England and Wales, 1891 Census Population Schedules
-England, Bristol, Church of England Parish Records and Bishops’ Tra...
-England, Bristol, Nonconformist Church Records ca. 1500s-present
-England, Cheshire, Land Tax Assessments 1778-1832
-England, Cheshire, Marriage Allegations 1300s-present
-England, Cheshire, Poor Law Workhouse Records 1837-1967
-England, Cheshire, Probate Records 1492-1940
-England, Cornwall, Church of England Parish Records and Bishops’ Tr...
-England, Essex, Church of England Parish Records and Bishops’ Trans...
-England, Norfolk, Church of England Parish Records and Bishops’ Tra...
-England, Warwickshire, Church of England Parish Records 1530-1900
-Wales, Cardiganshire (Ceredigion), Parish Records 1538-1800s
-Wales, Glamorgan, Parish Records 1538-1800s
-Wales, Gwynedd, Parish Records 1538-1800s
-Wales, Monmouthshire Gwent, Parish Records 1538-1800s
-Wales, Pembrokeshire, Parish Records 1538-1800s


-Upper Austria, Church Records 1581-1905
-Vienna, Population Cards 1890-1928


-Antwerp, Police Immigration Index 1840-1930
-Brabant, National Civil Registration 1796-1910


-Civil Marriages 1851-1967


-Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Census of 1900


-Trento Province, Trento Diocese, Catholic Church Records 1523-1923


-Gelderland Province, Civil Registration 1811-1942
-Noord-Brabant Province, Population Registers 1820-1940
-Zuid-Holland Province, Civil Registration 1811-1942


-1875 Census


-Diocese of Lugo, Catholic Church Parish Records 1550-1930
-Murcia, Catholic Church Parish Records 1550-1930


-Halland, Lutheran Church Records ca. 1550-1860
-Orebo, Lutheran Church Records Index ca. 1550-1860
-Sodermanland, Lutheran Church Records Index ca. 1550-1860



-New South Wales, Cemetery Inscriptions in the Sydney Branch Library...
-New South Wales, Greenwich Family History Center Miscellaneous Gene...
-Victoria, State Probate Registers 1841-1990

New Zealand

-Immigration Passenger Lists 1871-1915

This is not a comprehensive list nor does it cover all geographic locations that FamilySearch has records for. Hopefully, 2010 will be a productive year for Record Search!

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Thats good,but when is this info going to be accessible? Any dates?
There are no dates available at this time. However, Record Search just published the New Zealand, Immigration Passenger Lists 1871-1915 (images only) along with Catholic Church records (images only) from the provinces of Chaco (1882-1920) and Santa Fe (1680-1945) in Argentina.
ok thanks.I will keep a look out to see if I can get info or reports of them coming out.If I find something,I will post here.
Record Search just released a large collection of civil registration records for Guatemala.
Also, for anybody interested, the UK, Bristol Parish Registers 1837-1900 [Part A] has just been made available to index.
Record Search just released the Netherlands, Noord-Brabant Province Population Registers 1820-1930 collection.
Another recently revealed future collection:

-South Africa, Cape Province Civil Registration 1895-1972
Just added on Record Search:

-Luxembourg Civil Registration 1793-1923
Another upcoming Record Search collection:

-South Africa Methodist Church Parish Registers 1822-1996
The Arkansas County Marriages 1837-1957 project has been updated on Record Search. Index and images are now available for all counties except Arkansas, Clark, Sebastian, Washington, White, and Woodruff.



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