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In my ten years of researching and going to cemeteries I've ran across a lot of unusual cemeteries. If you have also where is this cemetery and what makes it unusual?

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One is that nobody knows ------------- The historical society doesn't know but in 1899 the death certificate says it and the county . The only thing I can figure is it's a family plot that is overgrown & out in nowhere.!!!! I guess one of these days when they go to build houses or condos it will be found & I won't be here then!! LOL
There's a small one near where I live with a few of my husband's ancestors in it. We happened upon it one day while out driving, stopped just because and lo and behold there they were!
It didn't have a name until recently, and when I contacted the town about it several years ago they said they had no records of it, the gentleman who lived next door took care of it. When we visited that first time, he did indeed come out to say hello and ask who we were looking for, and to tell us the story of the resident there that had supposedly been scalped for accidentally shooting a young Native American woman. There are only a dozen or so stones left there, rumor has it that some local families, decades ago, took stones from there to use in their fireplaces when building homes nearby.



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