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Let us know what you are doing in your current Tuck researches. This is a place for you to post your ongoing research with us, and anything you have found that may be helpful to other researchers. For instance, if you have tracked down the correct answer to conflicting information, this is the place to put that.

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My Tuck lineage starts with my Grandmother, Mollie Evaline Tuck Lovejoy. I have lineage back to Robert Tuck, 1590 married to Johanna Bachiler. Within that line, I have direct lineage to Mayflower, Stephen Hopkins and I am currently working on that. I look forward to hearing from you! Cindy
I also have lineage back to a Robert Tuck, born 1612, died 1664 in New Hampshire. This is according to work done by my brother. We are descended from Mary Tuck, daughter of Robert. I'm thinking there may be an error in my dates as our tree shows Mary being born after her father passed away, by 4 years! Help!





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