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Almost 3,000 groups! That is way to many to even cull through to see what few would be interesting to join. I think the structure needs to be carefully thought out and the number of groups limited somehow.

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Yes, and lots of duplication already. I've started a Forum and such about categories used at LC and FHL, and what the sister site GenSeek is going to use. I've also added a discussion with slightly modified topics and headings, and just compared it to recent conference topics and 'what's hot'.
Let's hope the purpose of GenyWise gets sorted out while its gets organized too!
You can search groups, too, to find new groups of interest. When you are displaying the groups there is a search box at the top of the page that will help you filter out only those groups which meet your research interest.

My personal hope is that once the groups are 'finished' being created, there will be some organization, like having a surname category, location, etc....

We are very aware of the problems encountered when trying to find a relevant group. We are actually in the process of organizing the groups into different categories. When we are finished we will have individual pages organized into surname groups, location groups, organization groups, record groups, event groups, and specialty groups. This is one of our top priorities.

Casidy Andersen
Developer, GenealogyWise
Hello fellow Geanologiest's?? . It is a great thing we are doing and it will only get better. Thank 's to the brilliant minds and skills that have created this site. It will get better when we all co-operate with our information and research and aim to get our stories , photo,s documents etc. out there for all to see and enjoy. To this end there should be a united force not individuals with agendas. Lets all get together and combine our knowledge,no matter how small, and achieve this goal.{Gee that sounds like a football choach}. You know what I mean . I have only been a member 2 weeks but this has been my dream. To have a user friendly site for novices to find missing Family members and ancestery. {wow did I say all this} You get my point .To many cooks........ Regards Jennifer.
I see your point about so many groups. but please don't take MY groups out. Come to think of it, I suspect that would be the position of all of us on here. What to do? What to do?

We are working to organize the groups into different categories so that the members can actually be able to find the relevant groups for their research. Our policy is to not to delete any of the groups, but our hope is that as they are organized it will be easy to quickly see what is available.

-Casidy Andersen
Developer, GenealogyWise
Thank you. I love genealogy and technology and I'm excited to be a part of the team.
In my experience, I've gotten the most out of locality-specific research, so I do like to see that sort of group. In some cases, these can get a little too limited - generally, I have seen many families tend to stay in a 3-5 county region for many generations, so it can be useful if one can communicate with others who have experience researching families in that area.

I understand the desire for surname-specific groups, but I guess there are too many issues there for it to be my favorite way to share data. For one, I don't just belong to that one-surname-family. Also, there are a lot of unrelated families with the same name - I betcha dollars to donuts I will never, ever gain one piece of information from belonging to the Johnson surname group! On the other hand, I'm thrilled with what I've already learned/gained from the Garrison group. ;)

But - too many groups? I don't know who is qualified to make that determination, to say which stay and which go. Let's make room for anyone, and if no one participates in some, they'll die a natural death.

Categories would be FANTASTIC, though. I have tons of bookmarked websites - I categorize them and make folders for each category: surname, geographic, blog, generic information, etc.

Just my 2 cents' worth. Feel free to give me change. :)
I could not agree with you more on the surname issue. Unless it is an unusual one, like the Gallone, Hryn and Renyck names I am researching on my wife's side. But then, if it is so unusual, it would be doubly unusual to find a group for that surname, or find anyone else that would sign in if I started one!

Categorization is exactly what is needed, as well as culling of groups not used. Maybe a policy that groups with less than X users, X posts, not updated for X days/weeks/months/years would be good. But then, this site is brand new. I am confident it will all shake itself out

I'm not sure I agree completely about setting a post/member/update quota, per se. One thing I would like to see is people considering, before starting certain "topical" groups, whether or not they could achieve the same thing with a simple discussion topic within a more "general," existing group.

But I'm an opinionated broad. ;)
Thanks so far for replies. I can see the point about Surname groups. Maybe I go to Towns /Counties etc. Also Topics would be great as I need Bricklayers/moulders/ pointers. in Leistershire, U.K.Also a key board that would correct spelling errors as I make them would be nice. Jennifer.





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